Maciej Stuhr won the fight against alcohol thanks to his wife. “She saved me”

  • Maciej Stuhr admitted some time ago that he had a very difficult period, in which he did not shy away from alcohol
  • Fighting the addiction left a strong mark on him. Then his wife extended a helping hand to him, who snatched him from the clutches of a fatal addiction
  • “She saved me from a worse fate” – emphasizes Stuhr in an interview with “Fakt”
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Maciej Stuhr has dozens of memorable roles to his credit, but the last performance was especially special for him, as he received the prestigious film award – Eagle 2022 for it. It’s about a role in the film “Back to those days“, in which the actor daringly played the role of an alcoholic father. After receiving the statuette, he referred to his difficult past, when in real life he also struggled with alcoholism. He mentioned it for the first time a year ago in “Wysokie Obcasy”, when he revealed that the artistic community looks favorably at actors’ drinking. He admitted that he had even come out on stage in an indicating state. “When a person is intoxicated with a career, he has the illusion that he can do more than others. This also applies to getting drunk, because there is a great deal of permission to drink in our community. So to answer it straight – I wasn’t ashamed of it then. If the director is delighted with your performance after a performance in which alcohol made you transcend yourself, it’s hard to be ashamed. If I had been reprimanded by the master, I would have probably stopped these practices sooner “- he said then in an interview.

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Maciej Stuhr won the fight against the addiction thanks to his wife: she saved me

In the latest interview, Maciej Stuhr returned to the demons from years ago. In an interview with “Fakt” he admitted that he would not have been able to return to sobriety had it not been for the support of his wife, Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr. “What kind of person you are is inextricably linked with what kind of actor I am. The more who travels, reads books, meets valuable people or lives with them under one roof, the better acting becomes. Hence the thanks to my beloved wife“- emphasized Maciej Stuhr. He added:

Photo: mwmedia / MW Media

Eagles 2022: Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr and Maciej Stuhr

In the following sentences, Maciej Stuhr refers to his role in the movie “Return to those days” through the prism of his personal fight against the addiction.

Anyway, thanks to her, which was super important, because maybe she saved me from a worse fate. He likes this film very much, although this cannot be said of all my roles “- summed up the actor.

Photo: Jarosław Antoniak / MW Media

Maciej Stuhr and his wife, Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr (Eagles 2021)

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