Amber Heard loses hold of Hollywood. The career of the actress will end in a crash?

Consequences of a libel lawsuit against Amber Heard they are amazingly fast. A movie industry expert reports that there has already been an extraordinary meeting of the makers of the movie to completely remove the actress from the upcoming movie “Aquaman”, which is now to be called “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” (org. “Aquamen and The Lost Kingdom”). journalist TC Walsh was the first to announce that a meeting discussing the situation of Amber Heard has taken place.

The decision should come as no surprise to anyone. Amber Heard’s career fate was already uncertain during the trial. Given Depp’s reputation for audience, it’s not surprising production’s fear of hiring and promoting Amber Heard. During the trial, the head of DC Films testified that her role as Amber was to be reduced. The reason was to be the lack of chemistry between the actress and the main character played by Jason Mama.

Amber Heard must be spitting on her chin after that one unfortunate article that caused her to appear in court and overheard a court verdict that she was found guilty of defamation of Johnny Depp’s ex-husband. The consequences of this act are much more severe than you might expect. The woman not only has to pay Depp $ 10.3 million, but is also gradually losing her position in the film industry. Scenes with her participation have been consistently removed since last week. The woman did not fail to comment then.

The filmmakers had nothing to complain about, and they blamed their actions on the contract signed with Heard, which defined the size of her role. It should come as no surprise to her then that her plot became barely noticeable in “Aquaman 2”.

Now Amber can say goodbye to even the few scenes she has starred. Her character is about to be removed from the movie. Many internet users speculate that the woman will be killed in childbirth.

Though Heard is terrible, yes Depp is experiencing its renaissance. There is no shortage of rumors in the media that he was cast in a role in “Beetlejuice 2”, where he would play alongside the greatest Hollywood celebrities, including Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder.

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