Six tips not to be fooled when you’re a tourist in Mykonos, Greece. Why should you refuse to take pictures of strangers?

Greece is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for tourists in Romania, and the island of Mykonos is a common choice among Romanians.

However, the recent case of the two US tourists who were shocked after receiving their bill on Platys Gialos Beach in Mykonos has raised many questions about what we can do to avoid possible scams on the island.

And, as the Greek authorities want to attract a million Romanians to Greece in 2022, there are some tips that can help us have a vacation without unpleasant events in Mykonos.

The first is to watch the documentary “Scam City” on Netflix, according to Wiki for travel. The site then reveals six scams that tourists often face in Mykonos.

Six common scams in Mykonos, Greece and how to avoid them

1. A person asks you to take a picture of them. I give you the camera and, when you give it back to them, they intentionally drop it on the floor and blame you for breaking it, asking for money on your camera. The solution? He refuses to take pictures of a stranger.

2. A scam with which Romanians are perhaps familiar with the experiences in our country is common in Mykonos. It is about using taxis, so tourists are advised to ask drivers to turn on the car charging device and look at the map to see how long their journey should take, to avoid charging a sum. random and a longer road that brings with it a higher bill. After checking how long the ride should take on Google Maps or Waze, ask the driver before getting into the taxi how long it will take to check the accuracy of the journey length.

3. Someone is approaching you at an ATM, claiming to want to help you avoid local bank charges. The real intention is to scan your card with a device they have in their pocket and look while you enter your PIN code to clear your account later. Another version of the scam is when you have problems with the card at an ATM and someone approaches to help you, so it is best, when you enter the PIN, it is good to cover it with your hand and refuse any help at the ATM. You can also travel with a credit card that does not charge for currency and cash that can be exchanged at a local bank in Mykonos.

4. Another scam is perpetrated on those who hang out in Mykonos. This way, two women or two men can start talking to you and persuade you to go to a nearby bar with a partner. After a few drinks, the new friends will offer to pay a small part of the bill, but you risk paying up to 10 times more, and if you refuse to pay you will be escorted by bodyguards to an ATM to withdraw the required amount. You can hang out more quietly if you suggest the bar and ask for the menu on how to get there, to see the prices in advance.

5. While walking in Mykonos, someone throws a little white paste on your shoulder to make you look like a chicken. A local offers to help you clean up the mess, while at the same time pocketing you. So, refuse any help from the locals and keep your belongings such as money and cards hidden in an inside pocket.

6. On the streets, there are men who organize guessing games, using three boxes and a ball. A person guesses under which box the ball is, and the man offers her a cash prize. Then the same thing happens with another person. Meanwhile, more and more people gather and the man randomly asks a passer-by where the ball is, while other members of the group pocket it. The best solution is to avoid crowds and keep personal belongings out of sight of others.

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