Mint Kate Middleton with William and an umbrella in the front room, talking to the guests at the royal party (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton and Prince William they are currently the greatest showcase of the British monarchy. Considering how proudly they represent the Queen, it is hardly surprising that the couple has enjoyed very good press these days. Not so long ago, the Duchess and her Blue Blood spouse hosted the premiere of a new film with Tom Cruise starring.

Royal duties Kate Middleton and Prince William however, they are not limited to shining in salons with famous actors. The Cambridge family must first of all make a good impression in front of their subjects.

Now we are witnessing it once again, all on the occasion of the royal banquet organized by Buckingham Palace. Kate and William They appeared in elegant stylizations, and after meeting the official requirements, they blended into the crowd of distinguished guests. For the occasion of chatting with guests, Middleton wore a mint dress, a color fascinator, and suede stilettos.

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Carousel Jewels earrings for over PLN 750 were happily dangling in the duchess’s ears, which, according to the manufacturer’s information, are to be provided to its users “peace and mastery of emotions”. Unfortunately, this time Kate did not wear any jewelry that guarantees good weather because she had to chat with the banquet participants with an umbrella in her hand.

At the same time, she had a sloppy face, but lightened up a bit at the sight of a friend she met in 2017 in Poland. Manfred Goldbergbecause we are talking about him, he made friends with the duchess on the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Manfred, I’m so glad to see you again. How do you do? When I saw your name on the guest list, I thought, “Yes!” I’m so glad to see you – he quotes her conversation with the 92-year-old Daily Mail.

See how it presented itself. Timeless class?

How is she walking on that lawn? I would like to know because my heels would collapse.

The outfit was terrible, but she adapted to the occasion and didn’t seem to have much choice. Same William, also looks like from Dickens. On the other hand, at least he has the opportunity to sometimes wear a frock coat, tailcoat, fake trousers or a bowler hat.

always dressed according to the circumstances. Most will probably say like grandma, but this is tradition and customs,

She would look like a million dollars in a potato sack. A classy woman. Beautiful future queen

Terrible that dress, such a crappy grandmother, and absolutely not suitable for such a young and beautiful woman. I saw Kate in better, creation 💪🧐

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Members of the elite or high society are not invited to these parties, but ordinary people, often active in various charity organizations, members of religious communities, civil servants (Polish accents also occur, as at the previous Garden Party). These are opportunities to meet with the royal family, which in this way also expresses its thanks for the work and commitment of these people, but also the opportunity to exchange experiences and even establish cooperation between these people or organizations.

Where to buy a hat with a flower like Kate has? I need a fascinator for a wedding, but I do not like those vivid headbands with flourishes that are usually available.

Beautiful color of this dress

Beautiful, polished and classy. The right person to have a seat perhaps next to a future king. This proves once again that you need to be born with class. Class is not acquired, class is acquired.

Jealous Meg

2 hours. ago

And I sincerely envy her that lumpex they find her clothes in. I like vintage too, what she’s wearing is a real gem. He probably remembers the times when there was no sewage system in London.

Oh gosh, I like this dress … in my style …

Those buttons on the dress again. Each one is similar to the previous one. I do not like

And this: “Kate Middleton with an umbrella entertains the guests at the royal banquet.” This umbrella of hers is very resolute and sociable …

“… the duchess dangled their earrings happily” – does anyone correct / verify these texts before posting them?!?!

Kaśka has a long torso and does not always have well-fitted clothes

It’s a pity that stylists disguise her as an old lady

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