The whole truth about Pam – miniseries review

In 2011, the murder of Betsy Faria (Katy Mixon), which quickly attracted the attention of the public throughout the country. And not because of the brutality of the incident, but the huge ineptitude of the judiciary, which based its work on the testimony of one person, Pam Hupp (Renée Zellweger). She wrapped around her finger not only the policemen, but also the prosecutor. Everyone believed her lies blindly, and even when they contradicted the facts, no one wanted to notice. Even the judge. In this case, the saying “justice is blind” has taken a very literal meaning.

The whole truth about Pam from the very first minutes he doesn’t hide from us who the real villain of this story is. The creators leave not even a shadow of a doubt. Pam Hupp killed her friend in cold blood and blamed the victim’s husband, Russ Faria (Glenn Fleshler). This was convinced not only by the judiciary, but also by the deceased’s daughters and her mother. Everyone was convinced that she had fallen victim to domestic violence. How did it come about? This story shows that the police do not like to overwork themselves. If he finds a dead woman at home, the husband is usually the culprit, and this line of events is most often followed. Once they have him, they’ll keep questioning until he confesses. If he doesn’t, that’s okay. There will be evidence to support this thesis, the guy will go to jail, the case closed, and the statistics on the effectiveness of the police and the prosecutor’s office are going up. Success! And it probably would have been so this time, if not for the nosy attorney Joel Schwartz (Josh Duhamel), who is the only one who believes not only in the innocence of his client, but also in the absurdity of the collected evidence in this case. He has the testimony of witnesses Russ was with when his wife was murdered, and he has a fast food bill that shows that he was far from home. However, all this is downplayed by the court by the testimony of one woman who, with her lies, changes the image of the events of that fateful night. The viewer knows everything from the very beginning except for one thing. Why is she doing this? What’s the theme? This is what we are trying to establish with the developers. Once we know the truth, we watch the judiciary try to correct its mistake. How it will come to the fact that Pam will end up behind bars, because that will happen, we also know from the beginning. After all, it is a story based on facts.

The whole story is bizarre and it’s hard to believe that it really happened. Probably it would not be so interesting if it hadn’t been told by the creators. The lecturer who accompanies, bitterly comments on some events and well-drawn characters make this series extremely interesting. Of course, the main burden here falls on Renée Zellweger, who with her metamorphosis proves once again that she is a great actress and that she is able to do a lot for the credibility of her role. Here she turns into an overweight complex woman, whose ego can fill the National Stadium. She believes that she is the best at what she does and should be adored by everyone. She is designed for greater purposes than sitting in a small town and caring for her ailing mother. She has such complexes that she is jealous even of her own daughter’s successes and cuts her wings whenever she can, just as her mother used to make Pam eggs in the past. You can’t like this heroine, and that’s what’s great about her. Zellweger built her so much that with each episode we hate her more and we wish her the worst. We feel sorry for all who must be with her. You rarely see such a well-created character on a small screen. The actress changes beyond recognition here, which has probably become her calling card.

The background is also great. Josh Duhamel as Schwartz’s lawyer gives us a sense of justice. We believe he’ll get Pam someday and put her behind bars. Although I will not say, I also had moments of doubt. The creators perfectly showed scenes in which the lawyer collides with the set system. Sometimes there is no chance in the fight with him, although logic would suggest that the victory is in his hands. Watching the scenes taking place in the court, the viewer begins to feel the hero’s helplessness and grows angry at such obvious injustice. Recently, I felt such feelings at home watching a movie The Chicago Seven trial directed by Aaron Sorkin.

It also deserves attention Judy Greer as Attorney Leah Askey. Another example of a person who should uphold the law, but is only interested in keeping his stool and winning the next election. He will do everything to quickly resolve the matter and announce in a flash that the judiciary has caught the murderer and that the residents can sleep peacefully. Greer is a masterful portrayal of the prosecutor and her behavior.

The whole truth about Pam is a series largely based on a gallery of colorful, multi-dimensional characters who were entangled in the story. And although Renée Zellweger is the star here, the actors supporting her do not remain in her shadow and provide really good creations. We do not have a person here who is below their capacity.

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