Sonic 2: Lightning Fast (2022) – movie review

Did “Sonic. Fast As Lightning”, created two years ago, surpass Hollywood mediocrity? By no means, in his mediocrity he rushed at breakneck speed. However, the numbers do not lie, and since in this industry, accounting wins over art, a previously unattainable $ 340 million in revenue from the box office, prompted Paramount Pictures policymakers to film a continuation of the adventures of the blue hedgehog straight from Japanese video games. Effect? As a nostalgic evocation of the pop culture of the 90s, “Sonic 2” makes you shrug your shoulders at best. As a show for the whole family, it will be a bit better, with the proviso that it will give fun mainly to preschoolers, as a cinema based on the most predictable patterns that will quickly become forgotten by lightning.

When we last saw Sonik (Ben Schwartz), he got a roof over his head and a foster family. However, adolescence has its rights, and super-speed obliges. So the space animal sneaks out at night to deal with crime, get a bit of entertainment, and at the same time bask in the glow of glory. However, since the superheroism in his performance resembles an apocalyptic comedy of errors, he will be faced with a lesson in destiny and a severe maturity exam. The opportunity will come when the adults go out for the weekend, and Sonic alone at home will open the door of the pizza delivery man … who turns out to be thirsty for revenge, Dr. A Worker (Jim Carrey, possibly the last time on the big screen). A longer mustache and madness in the eyes of a genius egoman would make no difference to the hedgehog, but, ho, ho, the enemy is not alone! Knuckles (with the voice of Idris Elba), red as a flame, for a change, a porcupine-like alien with heavy fists, an even heavier disposition and murderous aspirations do not predict an easy journey. And yes: this time not only about revenge, but, without any exaggeration, about power over the world.

In Jeff Fowler’s film, the plot points are ticked off with the correctness of the primus, who tries very hard not to go beyond the school curriculum, but even the forged basis is not understandable to him so that he would not have to make mistakes in reporting the material. It’s yawningly standard on the Sonic 2 set: find minions, get magical artifacts, stop the bad guys from destroying the world. In the ideological layer, we have morals aimed at the youngest: train friendship, learn cooperation, temper the ego, but do not forget to remain yourself.

Both of these layers lack a storyboarding mortar capable of smoothing out specific and ideological protrusions. For example, the evolving family dynamics is dismayed when the stepped father and son relationship is told like a bromance comedy. The main plot of the intergalactic clash is accompanied by a funny, but unnecessary and two-hour long comedy love-hate relationship. The energy of Natasha Rothwell, known from the “White Lotus”, is excellent here, but with jokes about depilation of intimate places it broke from another movie. Not always consistent with the family character of the whole are – served without even batting an eye, and directly in the dialogues of the title character – references to the cinema hits of the last decades. The soundtrack from the turn of the 1980s and 1990s also discounted the nostalgia of parents and players from the X generation. I think that emphasizing this strategy in the first place will often leave an audience of several years in the distance.

And yet the infantile tone, simple morals, logical inaccuracies (forgetting about the superpowers of individual characters is a characteristic feature of this series) and the lazy conventionality of story solutions leave no illusions: debuting viewers should have the best fun with Sonik. The cartoon slapstick gives the story a crazy pace, the number of explosions on the screen is right, Jim Carrey’s arsenal of gurgles, unpredictable grimaces and tics does not diminish, and the effective scenery at various latitudes and altitudes force the animators and their digital heroes to perform further acrobatics. The entire movie feels like a series of races, crashes, and bursting waves of energy, rather than an emotionally energizing trip. There is no revolution, but do we go to the cinema with our family after revolutions?

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