Sandra Kubicka stabs Blanka Lipińska with a pin: “I DIDN’T BE ABLE TO COME UP WITH A PARTING UP”

Sandra Kubicka and Baron aspire to be the most popular celebrity “power couple”. They both spare no effort to share romantic selfies and public declarations of their great love. The problem is that the amorous musician has already built several media relationships and former partners also argued that they are “the only ones”.

The account of Baron with Blanka Lipińska. The writer evidently holds a grudge against him, and as part of her “revenge”, she stopped following him on Instagram. The author of erotic books has threatened in interviews that she intends to produce a film about a “writer and guitarist” romance, suggesting that Alek will not like its content. Between words She also admitted that her ex was not a stallion in the bedroom

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Sandra’s fans were curious what the model thought about Blani’s confessions and, surprisingly, they got an answer.

How do you feel that Blanka is making a film inspired by Alek Baron? He’s quite mocking him in interviews. You can understand that boredom in bed – inquired one of the internet users under the new selfie of Sandra and Baron.

I feel sorry for her suffering, and once I could not come to terms with the breakup. Alek is a great man, I’m not surprised – “kind” Kubicka replied.

Recall that Sandra quite recently compared her ex-brides to “rubbish” …

Do you think Blania will answer?

wait. So she really believes that she will not become another ex grace?

Blanka looks like a 50’s made

All three of them are worth each other

as someone says about their ex, the same will be said about the one with whom / who is currently. As you compare the exes to the garbage, it is known that the baron will be so honored one day 🙂 and the same for the battlements, be careful with new partners because they will probably be happy to share how your laundry comes out …

Well, a warning to the Baron, Sandra could not come to terms with the breakup, oh it will be hard when the Baron will throw her too

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This is how I read these comments and I see that jie people fall for this look of bleached blonde hair, blue eyes, songs were sung “i need a hero”, forced care and acceptance, and they do not fall for the style of a small, helpless girl, but a mendacious viewer the person is Sandruniadddd and it shows how he behaves towards Blanka.

I have the impression that they are very young people writing these repeated comments!

I agree that Lipińska cannot come to terms with the separation!

That’s how I read some of these comments and I also think that Blanka fans stood up for their wonderful mentor!

Buahahhaha. These comments under Sandra’s photos were probably written by a friend of hers. Disrespected, Sandra has spoiled the older Blanka. You can see the lack of respect for the mother in relation to the older kolenazka.

A model from a burned-down theater instructs the writer. Good parody 🤣🤣

Nobody has to be with anyone forever. Especially if it concerns a guy who likes to change women. She will never be sure of him, so really a little more class than her predecessor, the more that it is difficult for her to reconcile with the breakup.

I thought Baron was a “great man” but looking at what women he chose, I changed my mind. Apparently, he is infantile, not overwhelmed and downright boring. Well. Appearances are deceptive.

You guys give ugly pictures of Blani on purpose, and she has a lot of nice ones. No sense

Body like 18 😋😋😘

Sandra has some strange white coating on her tongue. Feeee

A pin shouldn’t be hammered into a woman as experienced as Blanka

And will these future children beget and comment also in front of the media and in the spotlight? Oh Baron, you are infantile Baron.

The baron is not planning to marry her or have children with her, because Sandrunia is fertile

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