Never wash your hair this way, you can hurt yourself. How to properly wash your hair?

Washing your hair is a simple activity that many of us do even every day. Everyone knows how to wash their hair, but certain habits can cause that not only the hair is not washed thoroughly, but also the cosmetics we use are ineffective or even harmful. The selection of shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products, as well as the appropriate technique of washing hair and scalp will ensure satisfactory results and healthy and beautiful hair.

  • It is worth remembering that proper hair washing and the selection of cosmetics will affect its appearance and condition
  • Hair likes delicacy, so we should not tear it, rub it, or apply too much cosmetics to it, which can irritate the scalp or weigh it down
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Step no. 1. Choosing a shampoo

A well-chosen shampoo is the basic step to healthy and beautiful hair. We match the shampoo to the hair, but the condition of the scalp is also important. We can choose a shampoo for dry, oily or damaged hair, but let’s also take into account whether the scalp is prone to irritation. If so, we should choose a gentle shampoo for sensitive scalp.

Step no. 2. Soak your hair

Before applying the shampoo, you should soak your hair thoroughly and not wring it out. The hair must be wet for the shampoo to spread well and lather.

Step no. 3. Applying the correct amount of shampoo

The correct amount of shampoo is about the size of a bean or two, but this will depend on the amount and length of your hair. The right amount of shampoo is one that covers hair well and lathers well. However, it is worth remembering not to overdo it with the amount, because it is better to wash your hair with twice less shampoo than to apply too much of it.

Step no. 4. Do not pour shampoo on your head

Do not pour the shampoo directly on the head, always first put it on your hand and rub it gently, and then apply it to your hair. Thanks to this, the product will slightly mix with water on our hands and the thinned product will be more delicate and also better foamed.

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Step no. 5. Proper washing

Massage the scalp and hair with gentle, circular movements, starting from the forehead up to the nape of the neck. We do not scratch the skin, we do not rub, and we do not tear the hair. We pull the foam that was formed on the head down the hair, if we have long hair, right up to the ends. If the shampoo foams poorly during the first wash, it means that the hair is dirty or the skin is oily. In this case, rinse the shampoo and repeat the action.

Step no. 6. Rinse the hair thoroughly

We should rinse our hair very thoroughly. Shampoo residues can dry out your hair or irritate your skin. We start rinsing the hair from the scalp and the hair roots. Use running water and gently move your hand over your hair while rinsing.

Start rinsing your hair with warm water, cooling it gradually, but at the end it should not be cold, only slightly cool. Cool water closes the hair cuticles, which makes them shinier and protects against damage, e.g. when wiping or drying.

Step no. 7. Wiping the hair

Wring the hair gently and wrap it with a towel. We do not rub or tear the hair so as not to damage its structure.


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