Netflix is ​​removing over 30 great movies, including iconoclastic series and classics

Netflix removes from its library over 30 really great productions. And here, practically each of the deleted movies and series is worth watching, which is not always the case with Netflix. You can even say that productions removed from the library are usually uninteresting, but unfortunately it is different now. So let’s make up for them, because there is not much time left to watch them.

Netflix deletes over 30 movies and series – the site’s library is empty

This is not the first time that interesting titles have disappeared from the Netflix library. It even happens quite often, but taking into account the recent reports on the company’s condition, i.e. a large outflow of customers, one can get the impression that there should be more movies and series. Yes, new productions appear on Netflix every now and then, but many of them, unfortunately, do not meet the users’ expectations with their quality. This is especially visible in the new movies that are original and produced for Netflix, but even despite that, they are viewed phenomenally on the platform. So it seems that you have to slowly get used to the situation when classic and older productions will disappear from the platform, and new ones will appear in their place. Now Netflix has published material showing the movies and series removed in the coming weeks. Below you can see their list, although there will probably be more titles that will be removed.

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Removed movies and series from Netflix – April and May 2022

  • Dear Zindagi – until April 27
  • Alpha – until April 27
  • The Plane Tree – until April 27
  • Greed – until April 27
  • Neseli Hayat – until April 27
  • Beynelmilel – until April 27
  • Killer School – until April 30
  • Geniuses of the Ancient World – until April 30
  • Below deck – until April 30
  • Angry Birds Movie – until April 30
  • The golden bird – until April 30
  • The Lodgers. The Damned – until April 30
  • Resident Evil: Vendetta – until April 30
  • Death Note – until April 30
  • Resident Evil: Regeneration – until April 30
  • South Park: Season 22 & 23 – through May 14
  • Housewives with money. New York: Season 3 and 4 – through May 14
  • Nocturnal animals – until May 15
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day – until May 15
  • Jason Bourne – until May 15
  • Bourne Ultimatum – until May 15
  • Bourne Crusade – May 15
  • Bowfinger’s great heca – until May 15
  • Interpreter – until May 15
  • Pitch Perfect – until May 15
  • Ex Machina – until May 15
  • Devilish Ouija Board – Until May 15
  • To reach outer space – by May 15
  • Forever – until May 15
  • Naked instinct – until May 15
  • Boyhood – until May 15
  • Notting Hill – until May 15
  • Exorcist: Beginning – May 25
  • Exorcist III – until May 25

Bourne, Terminator and South Park on Netflix for the coming days only

As you can see in the list above, there are quite a few titles for removal. And among them there are many titles that are certainly frequently watched, although they are already old. Among them, the films from Matt Damonthat provided the actor with incredible popularity. So we are talking about the cycle Jason Bourneand in this case from Netflix it will practically disappear completely. Netflix will remove the first and opening movie, “Bourne Crusade”, but also the closing movie (“Jason Bourne”). Soon, the “Bourne Ultimatum”, the third in line, will not be available for viewing. And although the films are almost twenty years old (the first one appeared in 2004), they are still among the best action productions. The choreography of the fights and the naturalistic approach to filming them is a real feast for the eyes. At the same time, the plot of virtually every movie is worth getting to know, as long as you haven’t read the books before Robert Ludlumon the basis of which the films were made.

The action / spy movie franchise, however, is not all that goes missing from Netflix, which is worth remembering now. Another classic, in the full sense of the word, is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. And yes, we know that the production was created in the nineties of the last century, but this is still the best thing that happened to the entire Terminator series. A film depicting a story that might once have been pure science fiction, today becomes exceptionally… probable. We are finally talking about a situation where machines rebel against humanity and lead to its destruction. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a great and engaging action movie at the same time, and is as enjoyable to watch today as it did years ago. Let’s also add that the special effects have not even gotten old and are still impressive. All this is due to the small participation of CGI in their creation. And of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role that brought him the greatest popularity. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is one of those movies that you just have to know.

Two seasons of the series will also disappear from Netflix “South Park”, i.e. an animation that is a satire on the world around us. The creators talk very accurately about current affairs, and they often happened to predict the fate of the world. “South Park” is an animation that is definitely not intended for the youngest and it is a pity that it did not appear on Netflix for a long time.

What else gets removed from Netflix?

It is also worth making up a movie “Ex Machina”which in its overtone is a bit like… Terminator. It is a completely different type of cinema, but the production should be given a chance, because it raises several important problems related to Artificial Intelligence. On April 30, Netflix will also disappear “Death Note” and we’re talking about Japanese animation, not a fictional version of the series. On the same day, we will also say goodbye to the “School of Assassins”, and in May they will disappear from Netflix “Animals of the Night” if “Translator”. Now you can wait for what productions will appear on the platform in the coming weeks, but the list of those removed does not improve the mood. Especially that this time a lot of good things are disappearing from the platform. We’ll see if it is irretrievable as sometimes some titles are added again.

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