Box Office USA: The animals made a surprise. But not the fantastic ones

Parents and their children visit cinemas in large numbers. They chose a movie about animals. No, this is not the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts series – the audience of this film is melting at a faster pace than the glaciers in Greenland. They chose an animation that has been available in cinemas around the world for several weeks – “Mr. Wolf and Co. Bad Guys”.

The latest production of DreamWorks Animation studio, according to pre-weekend forecasts, was to take third place with an opening of around $ 15 million. Meanwhile, “Mr. Wolf and Co. Bad Guys” has a revenue of $ 24 million. It was enough to calmly take the leading position.

This is the best TWO production opening since the third installment of “How to Train Your Dragon” ($ 55 million in February 2019). Animation should have no trouble reaching the $ 100 million mark. The viewers are delighted with it. In CinemaScore they rated her A.

Films of 2022 with revenues over $ 100 million

The situation is completely different with the Warner Bros. blockbuster. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. The show had a nightmarish second weekend losing as much as 67% of proceeds. Bad opinions from those who saw the movie make more people prefer to wait another 35 days and see the movie on HBO Max.

Not only “Mr. Wilk et al. Bad Guys” beat the pre-weekend forecasts. “Wiking” also sells much better. The current estimate is $ 12 million. Is this a good result? Depends on how you look at him. In the career of director Robert Eggers, this is an opening record. The previous one was $ 8.8 million and belonged to the movie “The Witch. A New England Fairy Tale”. “Wiking” has almost three times better opening than Ridley Scott’s “The Last Duel” ($ 4.7 million) and almost twice as much as “The Green Knight. Green Knight” ($ 6.7 million).

So what’s the problem? In costs. At least $ 70 million was spent on the budget alone. And this means that the opening does not even account for 20% of this amount. In pre-pandemic times, in the case of high-budget productions, such a low percentage meant that the film was considered a flop.

The opening result of the comedy “The Unbearable Burden of Great Talent” was within the limits of forecasts. According to current estimates, the film grossed $ 7.2 million. So its influence is much smaller than that of “Wiking”, but in the end it could turn out to be a more profitable film. Its budget is estimated at $ 30 million. It also has a slightly better rating among viewers (B + vs B “Wiking”).

The figure of 7.2 million may not be impressive, but it is the best opening of an acting movie in which Nicolas Cage played the lead role since 2014 (“End Times: Left Behind” – $ 6.3 million). Later there was “Snowden” ($ 8 million), but there Cage only played a small role.

Why did Nicolas Cage’s “comeback” debut only in fifth place? The Deadline portal indicates the distributor as guilty. Lionsgate did not do its job and among potential viewers, awareness of the film’s release to theaters was four times lower than in the case of “Wiking”.

Meanwhile, “Sonic 2. Fast as Lightning” is about to beat the final result of the first part in American cinemas. He has 145.8 million dollars on his account. “Sonic” won $ 146.1 million in 2020. However, it is worth remembering that the film would have earned more had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the closure of cinemas in March 2020.

In turn, “Everything at once” is one step away from becoming the fourth biggest box office hit of the A24 studio. He has $ 26.9 million on his account, and “Moonlight” earned 27.9 million, and “Midsommar. In broad daylight” $ 27.4 million.

Box Office USA April 22-24 Top 10

# Title earned over the weekend earned in total week on the screen cinema
1 Mr. Wilk and company. Bad Guys $ 24.0 $ 24.0 1 4009
2 Sonic 2. Fast as lightning $ 15.23 $ 145.83 3 3809
3 Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets $ 14.01 $ 67.13 2 4245
4 Viking $ 12.0 $ 12.0 1 3234
5 The unbearable burden of great talent $ 7.18 $ 7.18 1 3036
6 Everything everywhere at once $ 5.43 $ 26.94 5 2133
7 Lost city $ 4.38 $ 85.39 5 2828
8 Father Stu $ 3.33 $ 13.87 2 2705
9 Morbius $ 2.25 $ 69.18 4 2306
10 Ambulance $ 1.8 $ 19.2 3 1966

This Friday, only one big novelty will appear in wide distribution – “Memory”, a remake of the Belgian-Dutch “Alzheimer”. The production star is Liam Neeson.

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