“Balcony film” online. Where can I see the document?

A unique project had its cinema premiere on April 8. Director Paweł Łoziński decided to talk to passers-by directly from his balcony in a tenement house in Warsaw’s Saska Kępa, and he captured all the chats with a camera. This is how the document entitled “Balcony film” was created, which has been available for viewers of the HBO Max platform for several days. “Can everyone be the protagonist of the film? Can the world be locked in one frame? (…) Maybe it is enough to stop for a longer time to see more?” – these questions included in the description of the project undoubtedly intrigue and encourage viewers to watch the material.

Theoretically, each of us could find ourselves in Łoziński’s painting and reveal to the director a part of a story from his life. On the screen we see different, ordinary people – young and old, smiling, sad and thoughtful, residents of the estate and random passers-by. For 2.5 years and 165 shooting days, the author accosted and captured almost 2,000 people from the first floor of his block of flats. callers. After all, 80 of them can now be watched both in cinemas and on the screens of our TV sets and laptops.

Despite the backyard conditions, the documentary’s conversations with passers-by very often evoke a sense of mystery, mystery and a certain intimacy in us. Łoziński shows great interest in his interlocutors, and they, in return, share their private stories with him. Although the author doubted at first whether the 5-meter distance would be an obstacle to an honest conversation, it turned out that in the end it became an asset because it “guaranteed freedom to the heroes”. In one of the interviews, the director also talked about where the idea for this subject came from:

“I am interested in human stories, what other people think, what question marks they carry throughout their lives. I thought that if I put the camera on the balcony and wait for the heroes to come into my picture – thus changing the rules of the game, because usually I run with a camera behind people – I will get a portrait of a piece of the world, reality, and maybe even a psychological portrait of Poles. This is not a pandemic film. (…) I wanted him to give people hope that the planet Earth is still a good place to live. “

This amazing film material has received many positive reviews. The original subject matter and the very manner of producing the document allow for interesting conversations with the director. One of them will take place next Monday, April 25 at 7 p.m. at the KinoGram Cinema in Warsaw, located in the revitalized Norblin Factory. It is there, as part of the “1 on 1” series, that director and screenwriter Joanna Kos-Krauze will talk to Paweł Łoziński. The meeting is co-organized with the Polish Directors’ Guild and is an ideal opportunity to watch the documentary and talk to the author himself – after the screening, you can ask the director questions about the project and share your thoughts with him and the rest of the audience.

And there is certainly something to talk about here – “Balcony Film” wins the hearts of viewers and critics in Poland and around the world! So far, it has won two awards at the OFF CINEMA International Documentary Film Festival, one at the Locarno International Film Festival and the Grand Prix at the “Man in Danger” Media Festival. The film is also nominated for the Polish Film Awards ORŁY in three categories: best documentary, best director and best editing.

Author: Marzena Gargas

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