The lost city – if Indiana Jones were a shit. Film Review

What’s the easiest way to summarize the movie The Lost City? Here’s Sandra Bullock returns to theaters in her familiar romantic comedy format. Will she be able to charm us again? Can romantic comedies with her participation still have fun? You will find out from our review.

Sandra Bullock returns to theaters playing… Sandra Bullock again. In how many romantic comedies this pretty good actress has already acted bizarre idealists who unexpectedly find the love of their lives, it’s really hard to count. The Lost City is another production based on the same scheme additionally watered with an Indiana Jones adventure sauce. When you go to the screening, you don’t have to expect a Dune-style gem, but I think you will have a better time than me on Mobius.

After all, cinema does not have to always be innovative and ambitious. The greatest entertainment is often provided by productions that we know what to expect. The Lost City doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a romantic adventure comedy. If you are still hesitating whether to go to the cinema to see this film, check out our review.

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Gold, love and adventure – The Lost City awaits!

Loretta (Sandra Bullock) is famous all over the world a writer of cheap adventure romances. After her husband’s death, she would not like to leave the bathtub, drowning her sorrows in more glasses of wine. Unfortunately, when her financial resources are slowly running out, she has to go on tour promoting her new book.

Then it turns out that she will be accompanied on stage by a model (played by Channing Tatum) who plays on the covers of her books the adventurer who is having an affair with the main character. Bad luck wants our heroine hates it because most of the readers come to her author’s meetings not to ask her questions, but to watch Alan shed his shirt.

Frustrated, Loretta leaves the promotion of her own book to escape and go to her home again. Unfortunately is kidnapped by Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe), who, being the heir to a huge fortune, reportedly found clues to finding an ancient treasure in Loretta’s books. So Alan, her promoter Beth Hatten (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) and ex-commando hired by Alan – who is a yoga trainer, sets out to save our heroine. Jack Trainer, or the immortal Brad Pitt.

Lost City - Fairfax, Alan and Loretta on a boat

But it was already …

What can I say – there were probably several hundred, if not more, of similar productions. “Love, Emerald and Crocodile”, “Six Days, Seven Nights”, “Crocodile Dundee” and many more. However, while the Lost City draws handfuls from the above-mentioned titles, it is not a carbon copy of them. And this is a huge plus. We are dealing here with a play with convention.

Our heroine will not be saved by a macho like Allan Quatermain, but by a model from her book covers (Channing Tatum). And that he is a parody of cinema machoso his rescue escapade is a sloppy attempt to help that drives a large part of the story. And here I must admit that the Bullock-Tatum duo are doing very well carrying all the weight of the story on his shoulders.

Lost City - the duo of Bullock and Tatum

As for the rest of our actors, it is a short episode with Brad Pitt totally knocks you off your feet. There was just a burst of laughter in the room. Daniel Radcliffe as the sinister and crazy billionaire is doing very well and you can see that he has long ceased to be just Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, Da’Vine Joy Randolph fares worse, the role of which is actually completely unnecessary. It could just end the moment she finds out that her friend has been kidnapped and calls the police. Well, it did not happen, so we get a character built on the scheme “crazy friend of the main character”.

Lost City - a short role for Brad Pitt

Lost city – is it worth seeing?

It’s really hard to write long arguments about the Lost City. In fact, all of this has been more or less presented to us many times. This does not mean, of course, that you will not have fun on this production. If you want to relax, put your arm around a girl and cut popcorn – this movie is just for you.

The Lost City does not pretend to be anything and is what we expect from the start – a romantic adventure comedy that Perfect for a trip to the cinema with a girlfriend, wife or friend. So if you are looking for light entertainment for Friday or Saturday evening, do not hesitate – buy a ticket and rush to the cinema!

Lost City - Nice romantic comedy

Movie rating of the Lost City:

  • Sandra Bullock forever young
  • chemistry between the main characters
  • brilliant, though short, performance by Brad Pitt
  • funny and cute screening just in time for a date
  • it was all there somewhere
  • the role of Da’Vine Joy Randolph that tires more than amuses

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