The best substitutes for foundation: top 7 cosmetics with no-makeup effect

Do your skin a favor and ditch your BB cream foundation. It is healthier for her, protects against wrinkles and harmful radiation, and above all – creates the illusion of a naked skin that radiates a healthy glow. It will be the perfect base for a fresh, spring makeup that nourishes and revives the face.

Applying a foundation slowly ceases to be a mandatory point in the daily routine. Covering fluids are more and more often reserved for special occasions when we want our makeup to last until morning. We switch to care BB and CC creams, which offer much more than a regular foundation: they hide imperfections (but in a way invisible to the eye), moisturize like a cream, provide SPF protection and have anti-aging properties. In addition, they reduce the time of morning bustle – because instead of applying many layers of cosmetics, you simply apply one in which you have everything. And you are ready in 5 minutes.

Haven’t got your perfect BB cream yet? Here are 7 proposals dedicated to different skin types, among which you will surely find the only one.

Dr Irena Eris BB Cream SPF 50 Waterproof Tinted Moisturizer

Our favorite, which we reach every year in the spring-summer season. Light and at the same time waterproof formula Works in all conditions – sweat and salty sea water are not terrible. It blends beautifully with the skin and illuminates it. High protective factor SPF 50 protects well against photoaging and discoloration, and the addition niacinamide the composition brightens the already existing spots and freckles. The cream is available in 5 shadesthat easily adapt to any complexion, giving a second skin effect.

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Veoli Botanica Drop of Perfection BB Cream SPF 20

A refreshed version of the well-known BB cream from the brand Veoli Botanica – this time in a compact, glass container with a convenient pump. What do we like him for? First of all, for clean, vegan compositionwhich contains only vegetable goods. The cream uses, among others natural Poretect ™ cyclopeptideswhich improve skin firmness and elasticity and visibly narrow the pores. Blue Daisy Extract calms redness and inflammation, and mineral filters protect against UV radiation. There are 6 shades to choose from, including 2 new ones – Fair and Ivory, which will easily match even the lightest complexions.

Eveline Bio Organic Magical CC cream with mineral pigments

Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find a real penny cosmetic gem – such as Eveline CC cream. Its magic formula with mineral pigments perfectly matches the skin tone, giving the illusion of a natural complexion without a trace of makeup. The composition of the cream was enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and C and organic bioaloethat provide the skin with hydration and protection against free radicals. The presence is also an advantage anti-UV filteralthough it is not high (SPF 15). Still, you won’t find anything better in such a favorable price range.

Casmara Cream DD Urban Protect

An example of a new generation of BB creams called DDwhich comes from the term Daily Defense. This type of cosmetic is a daily protective shield for the skin that combines natural makeup with anti-aging effects and protection against pollution – also those related to the latest technologies. I am talking mainly about blue light emitted by screens, which accelerates the aging process. Cream Casmar developed by scientists and cosmetologists, it contains ingredients that protect against UV radiation, blue light and smog. These are i.a. Himanthalia elongata algae extract, ginseng and chamomile extracts and natural plankton. The cosmetic is available in 3 shades.

Miya Light BB Cream SPF 30

Bestseller, which has been considered a hit among clean beauty supporters for years. 94% of its composition consists of natural pigments, oils and extracts that beautify and intensely care for the skin. Mineral pigments even out the skin tone, tomato seed oil regenerates and increases its elasticity, rosemary extract slows down the aging process, a sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid provide the skin with optimal hydration. After applying the cream, the face gains a satin, slightly matte finish and is perfectly smoothed. Importantly, the cosmetic does not clog pores and has an SPF 30 filter.

Erborian Super BB Covering cream that corrects imperfections

The latest installment of the iconic Korean BB Erborian cream. This time, its formula offers slightly more coverage and additional properties anti-acne – all this while maintaining the flawless, soft baby skin effect. The cream covers blemishes and imperfections well, and at the same time actively fights them off niacinamide, white ginseng and fermented ginseng flowers. It also helps to keep excessive sebum production in check, so the skin maintains a healthy, satin-matte look for longer.

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 30 Coloring cream-serum

A global hit. A light, comfortable foundation-serum that is saturated hyaluronic acid and zinc oxideto moisturize, beautify and protect the skin in one gesture. In its pure formula, it was used vegetable squalane and niacinamidethat reduce the visibility of pores and smooth its texture. The serum offers a luminous finish that makes wrinkles less conspicuous and the face looks fresh and refreshed. A must-have in every minimalist’s toiletry bag.

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