Robert Eggers’ Viking fits in the narrative of the far-right?

The Guardian at the beginning of its article points out that at this point Viking Robert Eggers he is praised by white supremacists, followers of extreme and toxic right-wing ideologies. Eggers’s statement from the beginning of April is also quoted, when the director explained that he was trying to recover the history of the Vikings from the hands of right-wing groups. Steve Rose, author of the article, recalls that many of these groups are based on myths about the European past – the days before race mixing and progressive politics, when men were powerful fighters and women obediently gave birth to children.

Eggers in an interview conducted by Observer revealed that such associations with the Vikings almost dissuaded him from making his film.

The macho stereotype in this story, along with the right-wing appropriation of Viking culture, made me sensitive to it and not wanting to deal with it.

Eggers spent a lot of time talking about his research on Viking culture and his commitment to thoroughly understanding their history, down to the tiniest detail. Rose notes in her article, however, that despite its reverence and elaboration, the pregnancy movie may be adored by “alt-right” movements by far-right groups centered around white supremacy.

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Where do these assumptions come from? Rose lists in context Viking including a uniformly white cast and a hierarchy between characters, which has strongly patriarchal accents. Men have power and kill, women plot and begets children. Character Alexander Skarsgard he is very close to the stereotype of a typical macho, which Eggers complained about earlier – he is a strong warrior who settles disputes mostly with a sword, flexing his muscles on his bare chest. The character played by is also summoned Anye Taylor-Joywho could be a dream woman for an extreme right-wing man: beautiful, fair-haired, loyal to her man and ready to beget him.

The Guardian quotes quotes from the 4chan portal, where they appeared before the premiere Viking far-right voices that were very positive. The white cast and the way of showing strong men were praised.

[Robert Eggers] with his wonderful films, he brings back the pride of our nation. Viking will be epic … Long live Odin.

Rose evokes the image of Skarsgard from Viking – bare chest, wolf fur used as a hat – comparing it to Jake Angela, one of the symbols of the assault on the US Capitol on January 6. The man stormed the building also without a T-shirt, he had buffalo skin on his head (perhaps artificial, but still) and was tattooed with Nordic symbols. The author of the text points out that Eggers would probably be terrified if his film was associated with such movements, but the journalist points out how easy it is to appropriate cultural works. Brings up the Stormfront website, which features videos recommended by the far-right. These videos include:

Positive representation of whites in defense against the corruption of liberalism, crime and attacks from other races; Positive representation of heterosexual relationships and sex, marriage, procreation and child rearing; Portraits of white men as intelligent, vulnerable and strong – in positive leadership or romantic roles.

The themes that disqualify films include homosexuality, race mixing, negative views of Christianity and depiction of white people as inferior. Among other things, there are obvious choices as Birth of a nation, The triumph of the will, Braveheart – Braveheart, Zulumovies based on novels Jane Austen and Shakespeareas well as movies Clint Eastwood. There are also recommended movies from the series Lord of the Rings (white heroes against hostile orcs, disguised in dark skin tones, as one example). Even now Game of Thrones has been appropriated (a white, fair-haired woman against the barbarians), and more recently 300 Zack Snyder (heroic, muscular men reflect the Persian invasion). Rose also mentions a surprising position – Notting Hill. The film was criticized for excluding the colored races from the multicultural London borough, but according to another right-wing argument, it’s history, “in which the white victims of the destruction of culture (…) try to break away and find happiness“.

The greatest outrage among toxic ideological groups is, of course, caused by Marvel and Star Wars films, as well as all attempts to recreate famous brands with the help of female heroines (Ghostbusters, Doctor Who). Rose ends the article by saying that if the far-right doesn’t hate your movie at this stage, you are doing something wrong.


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