Johnny Depp wrote that he wanted to “drown, burn, and then destroy” Amber Heard. Here is the COMPROMISING EVIDENCE so far shown in court

Dispute Johnny Depp and Amber Heard it looks more and more like a Hollywood movie State War of Rose, in which the former spouses fiercely fight each other, eventually leading to mutual defeat. The defamation case that the star brought against the actress turned into live reality show and during the long hours of interrogation, more shocking facts fall apart, destroying both Depp and Heard’s reputation. Tabloids around the world can even pick sensational quotes that will “make” the headline, and let us remind you that this is only the second week of the battle, which is to last six weeks.

Depp’s testimony has recently had the biggest impact. Gwiazdor said, inter alia, about his toxic relationship with Heard, drug addiction and a difficult childhood. In the courtroom, films and audio recordings were shown, the content of which is shocking. Gwiazdor was also confronted with messages in which he wrote to his friend that he wanted to “drown, burn and then nullify Amber to make sure she’s dead”.

See what has happened in recent days during the “process of the decade” …

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍ …

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I, neither in her position, nor in her place, would bring a case to court, for fear that all these embarrassing things would come out. Because it turns out that they were both drunk, aggressive and unpredictable. What is the court to do? Decide who is more? 🤦‍♀️

And such people are put up as role models, pay for advertising everything, and set them up as role models for social behavior. People, have your wits so that no star or “star” decides what you do.

Generally it’s not even a question of what a relationship they were. These are not just stories about violence triggered by toxic passion, but stories about two people with really big problems and access to drugs. Some photos look like a den.

It’s good that they got divorced … it’s very sad

A fun marriage that’s all about hoarding hooks from the start.

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You can have a lot of money and live like a patol. For any treasures, I would not like to be them, even though I earn as much as they spend on cotton pads. I can bet it’s full of people and families like that.

This is probably what Hollywood looks like. Not today, not yesterday, but for decades. Let him do what he likes. His life. On the other hand, I would not delete it professionally. In this respect, he is a professional. And all this action with the ex-wife? She had powdered it anyway, and had collected hooks on it before.

I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t add arguments from the recordings and photos of Depp taken secretly. Make someone bed with malice? !! The guy has his problems, but this chick is probably even more unevenly up to the ceiling.

I TRUST that Depp after all this – no matter what the verdict is, I WILL TAKE IT UP. TZ. he will go to a good clinic and I WISH him with all my heart for a few months. So far He has been treated like many others … NO POSITIVE SHOCK RESULTS

A great actor, no matter what kind of human he is, all of us have a monster.

… and he could only end up as sztajmes, and he found the mistress of his life, but I feel sorry for him.

I am not surprised by John. He took the words out of my mouth. I would do the same to my ex.

They both seem to be worth each other.

Like karina and sebix. Only with a lot of money

Big mental problems and addiction to drugs – they both finished each other … Scary!

If she was so scary, why didn’t he first throw up the divorce papers, only her? Either way, they were both drugged and too high high

It’s hard to … erase someone who has burned down

It’s a well-directed drama film.

Tomorrow is the Feast of Divine Mercy; on that day, to go to Holy Confession and to Holy Communion, he will obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishments, and if after that, on that day, he would die, he would go straight to Heaven. This is what the Lord Jesus announced to sister Faustina in his revelations, speaking about the “Guiding Sunday”, the first Divine Mercy after the Lord’s Resurrection.

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