Jennifer Gray. What is happening to the actress from “Dirty Dancing”? Drugs and romance

  • The autobiographical book “Out of the Corner” by Jennifer Gray will soon hit bookstores
  • The star of “Dirty Dancing” will tell, among others, about his relationship with Johnny Depp, his relationship with Patrick Swayze, and his failed plastic surgery
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It’s been 35 years since the premiere of “Dirty Dancing”. For over three decades, it seems that almost everyone knows this film, including, of course, the scene with the heroine being lifted in the water. The star of the movie, Jennifer Gray, has now spoken: she told about the hit movie, about her colleagues, about the unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Where? In his diary “Out of the Corner” (a reference to the legendary sentence “Nobody puts» Baby «into the corner”), which will go to foreign bookstores on May 3rd. People magazine has now published the most exciting excerpts and interviewed the author.

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Jennifer Gray on Patrick Swayze

In 1987, everyone dreamed of HIM, Patrick Swayze, who played dance instructor Johnny Castle and broke women’s hearts. Baby and Johnny? A love story that a whole generation grew up on. But Gray and Swayze couldn’t get along in real life, off the set. He considered her a snob, she considered him too ambitious.

What else would she like to say to the deceased star? “If I could say something to Patrick now, I would say:»I’m so sorry I couldn’t just appreciate you and enjoy your company instead of wishing you were more what I wanted you to be«”.

Jennifer Gray on the relationship with Matthew Broderick

Jennifer Gray and actor Matthew Broderick met thanks to the 1986 film “Mr. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. They were young and in love, but a tragic fate changed everything. While on vacation in Ireland, they both had a car accident which killed two people. Broderick and Gray survived, but the trauma remained.

“It changed my life forever and it wasn’t anyone’s fault. A lot of people today think I keep it a secret. We had an accident. It had a very serious, traumatic and lasting impact on Matthew, the other woman’s family, and on me.” .

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Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray on her relationship with Johnny Depp

In the late 1980s, Jennifer Gray and Johnny Depp were a couple. It was a short but intense relationship that was often featured on the covers of the colorful press.

“It was hot. Fucking fire. I used to say to myself, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I’ve never seen a guy like that. What was it like to be with him? ** well, which I have been through «”.

Jennifer Gray on drug use at 16

As a teenager, Jennifer Gray lived a double life. A good schoolgirl by day, a wild party girl by night. At the age of 16, she experimented with drugs and danced in the legendary “Studio 54”.

“There was a lot of drugs and alcohol. All the time. I had an older boyfriend, we went to clubs in the evenings. I changed at his place. There was school during the day. I lived a double life trying to survive high school. I never dated boys my age. for dating. I just wasn’t interested in him. I’ve never been with a teenager, and I don’t think I’ve kissed any of them. “

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Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze in the movie “Dirty Dancing”

Jennifer Gray on nose surgery

After Dirty Dancing, the big roles did not come as Jennifer had two nose plastic surgeries. The label’s representatives decided then that it was difficult to get to know her. Her characteristic, slightly too large nose, which she was associated with as a child, is gone. When even Michael Douglas didn’t recognize his friend on the red carpet, she realized what she looked like now.

“I became invisible overnight. In the eyes of the world, I just wasn’t myself anymore. The strangest thing was that I had actually been resisting (surgery – ed.) All my life and I was very angry with my mother. She always told me to do I had a nose job. I thought if I did, I would give up. But I also thought, “I’m beautiful enough.” I shouldn’t have done this.

Jennifer Gray about parents

Jennifer Gray grew up as the daughter of famous parents. Her dad is Hollywood star Joel Graywho won an Oscar for his role as an announcer in the Broadway musical “Cabaret”, and mom of actress Jo Wilder. Gray recalled:

Incidentally, after more than 24 years of marriage and raising two children, this supposedly “perfect” Hollywood couple divorced in 1985. 30 years later, at the age of 82, Joel Gray revealed that he is homosexual.

Jennifer Gray on the sequel to “Dirty Dancing”

Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate, made the sensational news: “Dirty Dancing” will be continued. The cast will include Jennifer Gray, also involved as a producer.

“We’re working on a sequel. I’ve been working on the script. And I’ve been working on the script for several years. And I know deep down in my heart that I would love to give the fans and the young, new audience such an experience. (…)» Dirty Dancing «is a fairy tale in which the dance was a metaphor for the embodiment of energy, going out of the head and limiting systems “- confessed the actress.

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