“Hotel Paradise”. Oliwia and Kuba SEX the moment after Dominika leaves! Viewers: “Ruffle, no respect”

“Hotel Paradise” has already had several Polish editions. Currently, the fifth one, this time in Panama, is underway.

Producers are doing their best not to make the program boring. The last paradise deal took place twice. Firstly Dominika has fallen outwhich stood for Sevag, but he chose Victoria. On the second hand, the players had to pair up again, but they could no longer approach the people they had married the first time. In addition Kuba and Grzesiek they had immunities.

Kuba, who was the first to approach he chose Oliwka. He said “he has no idea”, why did he do it. However, it caused the most emotions Marika’s decision, supported by Konrad and Sevag. The girl shocked everyone, rejecting Sevag (at this point even the reader cursed with the impression) – it turned out to be revenge for Sevag picking Victoria over her on the first hand.

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After the paradise handout, viewers could quickly find out that Kuba’s choice was not accidental. They immediately got closer to each other with Oliwka and at the wall in the toilet “deepened relations”, so far no one in this edition. I guess they both regretted it the next day.

I am troubled by the situation with Oliwka, what happened in the evening. I know no one died from thismaybe there is no tragedy, but I didn’t want it to turn out that way the boy said.

I’m a little bit broken by what happened because however, one has this remorse – commented Oliwka.

Remorse, probably in relation to Dominikand, who had a close relationship with Cuba (or so she thought), and even gave him her chain when she fell out.

The behavior of the participants shocked and disgusted the viewers of “Hotel Paradise”, who did not leave a dry thread in their comments on Instagram.

A male rag, no respect for Dominika; Well, Cuba and Oliwka flew well. Dominika has not left the program well yet, and they, for consolation, a quickie; I don’t know where that Domi had her eyes, she fell in love with this little game, after all this guy is obviously not serious; Such was the closest to him that an hour after she left, he hooted Olivia; Oliwia, did you get these values ​​from home? You are a girl without inhibitions, without respect for yourself and others. zero emotional intelligence. Shame and disgusting – they write.

Did you expect such a turn of events?

I’m not watching, but someone explain how you can do it in front of the cameras ??? This is for real?

After all, this whole program (love island, paradajs hotel) is a promotion of burdello … that someone is watching it 🙄

Plastic surge …

2 days ago

Why are these women on this show so made?

Who is watching it? Seriously … maybe a krolikowsky?

only chase, hotelesrele, cichopki. write something about BTS!

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Antoni Kosiba

35 min. ago

With a camera among animals.

Poor Kondzio was so proud that Oliwka chose him as RR, he had high hopes for a relationship with Ola and here he was handled by his “princess”

How can you even write about such a “program” this is the bottom.

Yes, yes he is a player ……

If they wanted tovrobic, they could hide under the bed like a couple from previous editions, it looked lousy

Well, that was the fight. Choice, not warrant, and so the girl did

Not looking …

18 h ago

Folks don’t watch but they know everything hahahaaaa!

Do not hate Oliwia … Dominika did not look at her as she took Kuba from her … and as you can see, there is nothing to force, even if I do not know how successful someone is. You can just see that he was drawn to Oliwia more ..

he regretted from the beginning that he was with Dominika .. you could say that he did not control how it turned out, that he stayed with her. He was probably drawn to Oliwka, blood is not water 🙂 and yeah, leave them alone. Some txty “morally spoiled” and kysz – let them do what they want. You don’t like it? not to watch and no more 🙂

experienced …

20 h ago

what happened in the last episode — I will say so to both of them to remove them from the program ,,, morally spoiled to the marrow ,,, olive – you are so primitive that I feel sorry for your parents, even working and earning girls for They respect their ass more ,,, and the gentleman who treated you like a condom – then protect every girl from him because life will be based on betrayal and perhaps fights – he is known for this and I know that I am not mistaken ,,, throw them out 2 from the program I do not pay money for tv anyway I watch your program and watch pornography ,,, crap !!!

Whoever does not want to, do not want to watch the 5th edition of the hotel, so however, there are supporters and no one to what anyone is watching. It is a personal choice, no one is forced to watch anyone, and since there is criticism, that is, that you watch what you write,

They both want it …

20 h ago

Indeed, these viewers are so clean and holy that they have never had sex with someone they are attracted to. You should feel sorry for these “viewers” or wish them such a weakening because they do not know what they are losing;)

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