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Doctor Strange in the multiverse of insanity is the MCU spectacle expected by many fans. The movie’s promotional campaign is on the home straight. Film scriptwriter, Michael Waldron in an interview with The Playlist, he was asked if he would have been able to write a script for the second Doctor Strange, if he had not dealt with the series earlier Curls. He stated exactly what has been repeated many times by the producers of Marvel Studios that everything is interconnected and influences each other, so it’s better to see all these productions, but even if you did not have the opportunity, they still hope that viewers will be happy. great fun.

It is worth recalling that, at least for the first time in the MCU, the multi-script debuts on the big screen in a movie Spider-Man: No way homeit’s a series after all Curls is the first project from Marvel Studios and Disney to explore this theme. Viewers saw many variants of Loki, and also learned some secrets related to the concept of the multiverse. Hence the emergence of rumors at an earlier stage of the promotion Doctor Strange 2that Loki will appear in the film. Waldron, however, did not want to reveal the smallest details.

Waldron also said something in the same interview that may reduce the fears of some viewers that the multiverse could be used as an attraction in itself, that the rest of the film would be relegated to the background. In his opinion, the multiverse can be both an “opportunity” and a “trap” in a screen story, if the story fails to be personal.

The danger is that you can expand the scope of the story too much and reduce the stakes if you don’t make it personal. In the multiverse, however, the characters have the opportunity to confront the literal “What if?” and alternative versions of themselves and possibly other people in their lives. It’s an interesting way to put the heroes in front of a mirror.

According to the writer, the multiverse cannot be just a MacGuffin, it has to be something that helps shape the emotional character of the story.

We also have a statement by the director of the show, Sam Raimi. The creator revealed what changes Doctor Strange will undergo during the show:

Over the course of the Avengers movies, as I have seen, it has developed a bit. I think at the beginning of this movie she starts out as a very confident person – maybe too much. He feels that he has the best control over everything. In his opinion, it is the safest … He puts the greatest faith in himself, not in other people. And I think in this movie, in this little chapter of his life, he is learning to let go a little, that not everything depends on him and that he can trust others.

There are two more pieces of information related to the film. The first relates to the lack of market presence in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Saudi censors did not grant permission for the film to be released because the changes requested were not approved by Disney. Probably America Chavez, who is a representative of sexual minorities.

Shots from the Screen X room have also been added to the network, where you can look at the image of the mysterious character from the trailer more broadly. Of course, no one doubts that this is Professor Xavier played again by Patrick Stewart. Could it, however, be a different variant of this character? In a wider shot, we can see that the character’s cart has a yellow back, which strongly resembles the one used by the mutant in the cartoon X-Men from the 90s. See for yourself:

Doctor Strange 2 – backstage material

A video promoting the show, which featured a few backstage shots and the actors’ statements, was released to the network. See:

Doctor Strange 2 – cast and creators

The production cast includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Xochitl Gomez. Directed by Sam Raimi, based on a screenplay by Michael Waldron.

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