Bartosz Gelner: Separate age from maturity

Bartosz Gelner is a graduate of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow. After the first year of studies, he got a role in the series “Przystań” – a story set in the picturesque scenery of Masurian lakes about a group of young people undergoing training in a water rescue base.

In his third year of college, Gelner starred in a small role in the high-profile “Suicide Room” Jan Komasa. “The film met with great interest both at home and abroad, including at the festival in Berlin, where the premiere took place. It was hailed as the voice of a generation, and I was noticed. Time of honor “- said the actor.

Gelner played the role of Alan Krawczyk, who is thrown together with Colonel Skotnicki (Hubert Urbański) from Italy as an aid to the Cichociemni.

In 2013, the actor starred in the award-winning picture by Tomasz Wasilewski “Flowing skyscrapers”, playing the role of a homosexual who comes out of the family. The subject of the film aroused a lot of controversy. “Only with us!” Gelner was nervous.

“In the West, no one thought that, no question of sexual differences was asked at any press conference, and yet they existed, exist and will exist, that is obvious. Such films teach tolerance, in any case this one taught me” – argued the actor for his creation he received the Piotr Łazarkiewicz for Young Talent at the Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles.

We can watch Gelner in popular series. In “Colors of Happiness” he plays the role of his namesake: “Trouble is his specialty. And I’m not complaining – thanks to that there are many interesting things to play” – the actor rejoices. In “Blood of the Blood” he played a young boy who gets into an affair with the daughter of the mafia boss, while in “Singielka” he played the role of a neighbor of the title character – a freshly baked graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and a successful graphic designer who works in an advertising agency.

In 2014, the actor joined the team of Nowy Teatr in Warsaw. We could watch him in two famous shows by Krzysztof Warlikowski: “Kabaret warszawski” and “The French”. For his role in the former, he received an award from the ZASP Theater Critics section. “I feel honored. Before I joined the band permanently, I had the pleasure to play on this stage. We went to festivals, including in Avignon, we also performed in Paris, Luxembourg, and Liege. I am lucky to travel, both with films. and with the theater, thanks to them I have already visited a large part of the world “- he told” Tele Tygodień “.

In “Chain Reaction” Jakub Pączek Gelner played the role of an unfulfilled filmmaker who, in order to earn money, deals with watching and evaluating pornographic films. “I would definitely choose this way of earning money than manual work abroad. Browsing pornographic films and looking for good material in them is after all combining pleasant with useful” – the actor said that it was not difficult for him to understand the motivation of his character.

We also watched the actor in the film “Successful Woman”. “Piotr, whom I create, is a boy working in a large corporation, who suffered a great misfortune in his life and, as it were, he inherited the dog Paproch. Together with Paproche, they go through life and get various girls tangled in their leash” – says Gelner. In his childhood, the actor had two dachshunds and a Bavarian mountain scenthound. Currently, with the lifestyle she leads, she cannot afford a four-legged friend.

“A dog is a big responsibility. We actors get up early, so if I think that I have photos at 6:00 and I have to get up earlier to walk the dog, I don’t want any animal. I can only have a cactus and I water it. once a month, “concludes Gelner.

In super production “Legions” Bartosz Gelner could show a lancet fancy as he played … a lancer. Horse riding lessons and drill training were a great adventure for the actor. He also appreciated the charm of the military uniform. The biggest challenge was mastering horse riding. “I completed a month and a half course. Every day I traveled to Kazuń Polski, where Włodzimierz Kołakowski’s stable is located. His trained horses are able to cope with extreme conditions on the film set. Each time I had to groom my horse myself” – recalled Gelner in an interview with PAP Life.

We could also watch Gelner in the series “Szadź”, in which he played Commissioner Tomasz Mrówec. “I did not have the role of a policeman-detective in my artistic output, so I was keenly interested in it. I am quite teasing, so I did not want to repeat the pattern of a policeman known from Polish films – always with a sheet on top, in a leather jacket and, of course, immortal. Omar’s cross from the series ‘The Wire’, a guy in a strange coat, combined with a barked representative of a new generation, will be interesting “- the actor spoke in an interview with the” Show “magazine.

Gelner has been in a relationship with her 16 years her senior for three years Magdalena Cielecka.

When in 1995 Magdalena Cielecka was receiving her diploma from the Krakow theater school, 7-year-old Bartosz Gelner was just starting his education in the first grade of primary school. Eighteen years later he graduated from the same university that Magda graduated … Soon after, the actress was delighted with her younger friend and his daring role in the movie “Floating Skyscrapers”. She reportedly recommended it to Krzysztof Warlikowski, who was completing the cast for the new performance at Nowy Teatr. When he joined one of the best theater companies in Poland, he made friends with his patron … He probably had no idea then that they would become really very close one day.

A dozen or so days ago, Magdalena Cielecka gave an intimate interview in the magazine “Zwierciadło”, in which she spoke for the first time about her relationship with a younger actor.

“I am fully aware that he will never catch up with me in age, and I will not wait for him either. But for some reason my heart chose him. I do not evaluate him in terms of age, but in terms of what a person he is” – admitted Cielecka.

“You also have to separate age from maturity, because it is not the same. Someone older can be a child on many levels and vice versa, it is very individual. My life is here and now, like this. I am in it for the whole” – the star assured.

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