Wojciech Sikora about bed scenes with Małgorzata Rozenek

Wojciech Sikora and Małgorzata Rozenek played a couple in the film by Patryk Vega Love, sex & the pandemic. The actor recalls his collaboration with the TVN star in front of our camera and talks about the reaction of Radosław Majdan. Only here.

Małgorzata Rozenek she is a woman of many talents. She works great as a host of programs on various topics. She advised Polish women on how to keep the house in order, what to pay attention to in hotels, good table manners and assessed candidates for Top Model in an episode of the show. Recently, she added a role in Patryk Vega’s film to her list of achievements Love, sex & the pandemic.

The production received mixed reviews. For the most part, viewers were not delighted with what they saw on the glass screen. Not everyone liked the sight of Rozenek playing with an artificial penis. But it was not only she who dared to play the heroine who loves bed games. In addition to her, they also appeared in the cast Zosia Zborowska, Anna Mucha, Michał Czarnecki, Sebastian Dela and Wojciech Sikora. The last of the mentioned played the partner of Małgorzata.

How does Wojciech recollect his collaboration with the TV presenter? The Jastrząb Post reporter asked him about it.

Wojciech Sikora about the game with Małgorzata Rozenek in the film Love, sex & the pandemic

How did Wojciech approach working on the set with a non-professional actress?

This work was very intense. The combination of Patryk and Małgorzata is already an explosive mixture, but I wanted to create a very clear duo with Małgosia. I put a lot of emphasis on the relationship and the closeness that I would like to achieve in contact and in a relationship. As we know, Gosia is not an actress. But I did not want to build a wall that I would lead Gosia.

Rozenek made a great impression on him. Sikora noted her great commitment to work on the set:

Małgorzata impressed me. Willingness, openness and willingness to leave a strong and clear signal in this film. She made it clear in the initial meetings, during rehearsals. Małgosia does not appear there to promote herself, but she really wants to do her homework and give a clear and distinct message. Of course, we get the most questions about these closeness scenes. They didn’t make themselves. We had to have initial foundations for the fact that when we entered the set in front of the camera, we had to know what we were going to do and we certainly would not be setting this scene there.

Małgorzata Rozenek and Wojciech Sikora

Before they both entered the set, they met Patryk Vega, who told them how to play common threads:

We had a lot to do at the table meetings at Patrick’s office, working on the script, and it was there that a very nice bond developed between us. I think it resulted in something that made Małgosia feel safe with me.

Was Radosław jealous?

Radek is not saying hello to me now, I don’t know why. Of course, I `m joking. We didn’t have such a conversation. We have shown such maturity. I also talked to Radek. He’s a part of this movie too, very nice accent, I didn’t sense anything like that. The idea was that each of us should have the comfort of being in it 100%. It is known that Małgorzata is a very close family person who cares about these values. So I absolutely did not want to break it. I tried to wake up such a fire that Małgosia would dare to do some things. I also think that I did not use this situation for my evil purposes, although maybe I should?

What evil goals does he mean?

Toss in more spicy stuff, turn it up. I think it is very desirable in social media. This takes care of a large number of followers, lures. Maybe it should have been done, but it wasn’t mine. Anyway, when I work, I am focused on the project and what I have to do. I always feel a great responsibility for the project in which I participate. And here eminently for my partner, because it was also a new situation for me. I have never been in such a situation of exposure, closeness. But I appreciate this cooperation very much, because I believe that it is an act of acting transgression for me personally and for conversations.

Does Wojciech have contact with Gosia?

I call Gosia once in a while. What I like? If Gosia cannot, she will not answer, but will always call back. More than once she can answer and say that she will call you back and in fact – as is the case nowadays, it often happens that people do not call back, everyone lives quickly, I have to say that we have this contact with Gosia and she also feels that she has some kind of sympathy for me . But this is not some common contact.

All conversation below.

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