What hair dryer to buy? These models have many advantages

It might seem that the purchase of a hair dryer is nothing complicated. After all, it has one task: to make the hair dry quickly after washing. In reality, however, choosing the right equipment makes a big difference. A poor-quality device can damage your hair, especially if you use it every day.

What parameters should you pay attention to when choosing a hair dryer?


The larger it is, the faster the equipment will cope with its task. For long and dense strands, opt for a model with a power of at least 1800 W, if your cosmetics are short and thin, even 1000 W may be enough.

Cable length

The longer the cable, the more comfortable the use of the dryer (the contact is not always at the right distance from the mirror).

Foldable handle

Thanks to it, the dryer takes up less space in a make-up bag or in a cupboard.

Additional Features:

  • Air flow adjustment

It allows you to adjust the operation of the dryer to our needs and the styling effect we want to achieve.

Hot air dries hair very quickly, but unfortunately it is dangerous for it: it opens the cuticles, making them dull and prone to damage. Therefore, it is worth regulating the temperature to expose the strands to hot breeze as rarely as possible. Most tumble dryers have 2 or 3 levels of adjustment, some even 6. The choice is very important cold blow. The cold air closes the cuticles, giving the hair shine and preserving the hairstyle.

Under the influence of high temperature, positive charges (ions) are formed on the hair, causing the strands to become electrified. That is why many dryers today are equipped with the function of generating negative ions, which neutralize the positive ones, preventing static electricity.

  • Emitting keratin conditioner

Keratin is the main building block of hair. Some dryers have a special coating that releases keratin particles during operation. They penetrate the hair structure, preventing damage.

Additional accessories:

  • Diffuser – an attachment that lifts the hair at the roots, optically increasing their volume.
  • Air concentrator – an overlay that narrows the air stream, increasing its power. Enables more precise work.
  • Curl tip – allows you to curl your hair while drying, replaces a curling iron.

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Here are five hair dryers we think are worth buying.

SenseIQ BHD827 / 00 is a dryer of excellent brand quality PHILIPS. Its advantages include a powerful motor (1800 W) providing a strong air stream, speed and temperature control, turbo mode and the ionization function to prevent static and frizz. There are five automatic modes to choose from (gentle, fast, styling, curls, head massage) and a manual mode. This allows you to adjust the operation of the dryer to individual needs, and at the same time protect the strands as much as possible. The device checks the condition of the hair throughout the drying process and adjusts its parameters accordingly. Thanks to this, in the delicate mode, the dryer allows you to keep as much as 95 percent. natural hydration of the hair. The set includes three attachments: concentrator, massager and diffuser. The removable air filter makes it easy to clean the dryer, protecting it from damage.

Dryer AC8820 Keratin Protect famous brand Remington it emits not only negative ions, but also particles of keratin and almond oil, which nourish, smooth and shine the hair, protecting it regardless of the operating mode of the device. The power of the dryer is 2200 W. The temperature control is three-stage, we can also choose a cold air supply and two speed settings. A special ceramic grille allows you to heat up quickly and evenly distribute the air. The air filter and rear grille are removable for easy cleaning. The advantage of the equipment is also a three-meter cable with a hanging loop. The set includes a diffuser and two air concentrators with different opening widths (7 and 11 mm).

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Philips HP 8281/00 MoistureProtect is a dryer that, in addition to ionization, cold air, three temperature settings and two speed settings, also offers other great functions: ThermoProtect protects hair from overheating, and MoistureProtect keeps them properly moisturized. The device has a built-in infrared temperature sensor. Thanks to it, it monitors the temperature on the hair surface on an ongoing basis and automatically adjusts its work to it, preventing the strands from drying out. Power: 2300 W, cable length: 2.5 m.

Thanks to the intelligent OPTIHeat technology, the hair dryer Remington PROluxe AC9140 efficiently uses air to style a hairstyle – the heat goes exactly where it is needed most. The equipment has a high power (2400 W). It is equipped with an ionization function, three-stage temperature control and a cold breeze function that allows you to fix your hairstyle. There are two fan speeds to choose from. The cable is 2.5 m long. The kit includes a diffuser and a concentrator. The manufacturer ensures that the effects that we can achieve with the PROluxe dryer are comparable to those obtained in a hairdressing salon.

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For a travel dryer, PHILIPS BHD006 / 00 has very good parameters. 1600W equipment has a comfortable foldable handle, three speed levels, even a cold blow option and ThermoProtect function that protects the hair from overheating. The set includes a concentrator increasing the airflow power.

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