What does Harry Potter really look like? The fan recreated the book characters thanks to artificial intelligence

After the success of the film series, it is rather hard to imagine a Harry Potter character in any other edition than the one created by Daniel Radcliffe. Of course, it is similar with other heroes such as Hermione, Ron or even Lord Voldemort. However, have you ever wondered what the characters from the books would look like live?

Harry Potter and a company straight from the series of novels

Severus Snape

One of the greatest strengths of reading a book is developing imagination. By absorbing subsequent pages of text, we automatically create images of specific characters, places and events in our head. However, an interesting phenomenon occurs when we sit down to read after watching a movie or even movies based on a given book. Or after the screening of the trilogy Godfather Could we read a Mario Puzo novel and imagine Don Corleone with the face of someone other than Marlon Brando? Most likely yes, but It would most certainly be very hard.

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However, from the world of Italian-American gangsters, let’s move on to the universe of the wizarding world created by JK Rowling. The series of novels by the British writer gained international fame after it was filmed by Warner Bros. In total, eight films were released in cinemas, in which the main fiddle was played by everyone known Harry Potter and his friends.

Today, that is over twenty years since the debut of the first film in the series on the big screen, almost everyone can remember the appearance of a young wizard. The face of the British is sure to appear in front of your eyes – Daniel Radcliffe. Nevertheless, the character of Harry Potter formed in the mind of JK Rowling before she saw the young actor born in Fulham for the first time.

Therefore, have you ever wondered what “really” Harry Potter looked like and other heroes appearing in the series? This topic was explored by a fan of the novel by JK Rowling from Vietnam. Using a pseudonym on the Internet MsBananaAnna the woman decided to visualization characters known to us from books about the wizarding world. Below you can find the results of her work.


Sirius Black

How artificial intelligence helps visualize book characters

Hermione Granger

As you can see, some heroes are really very similar to the actors who play them. However, it is also easy to see many differences between book characters and real faces. MsBananaAnna in conversation with the portal Bored Panda she cheated Behind the scenes of creating the above illustrations.

Now I am 28 years old and live in Melbourne, but practically from elementary school I was an amazing “Potterhead”. You could say I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. I even remember waiting in line in the middle of the night for a new book to come out. I came up with the idea of ​​recreating a character from the novel after I was looking for a fan vision of Hermione. I like Emma Watson a lot, but I’ve always found her too pretty to play that character. I couldn’t find any visualizations that matched the descriptions in the books, so I decided to do it myself. People obviously liked it after the first photo was published, so I took on creating more characters.


The Vietnamese woman used the Artbreeder website to visualize the book heroes. Created in 2018, the platform uses artificial intelligence based on machine learning. When creating characters from the Harry Potter universe, MsBananaAnna relied on descriptions of appearance taken from JK Rowling’s books. It’s hard to deny that the work that the Vietnamese woman put into the reproduction of the next characters is very impressive. Additionally, it is worth highlighting here the power of artificial intelligencewhich collects the transmitted information and creates the final version of the image.

Lord Voldemort

Despite the fact that I have never been and will never be a fan of Harry Potter, I must admit that the visualization of book characters by artificial intelligence is a really interesting issue. I would love to see what it looked like according to the descriptions, even if mentioned at the beginning of the text Don Corleone! In the comments section, let us know what book characters you would like to see in a realistic edition. Sherlock Holmes, Legolas, Robert Langdon, Edward with Dusk or maybe someone else? I leave these issues for you.

Source: Bored Panda

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