Sonic 2 – review. A nice hedgehog in good shape

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April 22, 2022, 1.30 PM

Sonic 2: Lightning Fast may be enjoyed, but under certain conditions. It is an adventure and family movie that provides joyful, casual entertainment. Dot. Higher expectations will mean disappointment.

The author of one of the opinions on Sonica 2 accused the critics of approaching this production in the way they expected gone With the Wind. There is some truth to this because the film about the blue hedgehog does not even for a moment aspire to something more than a light, adventure game for the whole family. And although it has some drawbacks, it is actually good to watch.

The new story revolves around a powerful emerald that gives its owner the power to rule the whole world – which, of course, immediately arouses Dr. Robotnik’s interest. Played by Jim Carey, the villain returns to compete with Sonik, and two new humanoid hedgehogs – Knuckles and Tails – join the action. Tom and Maddie reappear on their way to their Hawaii wedding ceremony.

Sonic 2 - review.  A nice hedgehog in good shape - Illustration # 1

Sonic 2 is to some extent a superhero movie. Especially at the beginning, the creators implement this convention well – Sonic spills jokes like Spider-Man, and threats are treated with great lightness and humor. Of course, a cute hedgehog would like to be like Batman, but his adventures with darkness have nothing to do with it. Sonic is a fledgling and enthusiastic hero who can win the hearts of young audiences. Therefore, the difficulties in reconciling the catching of criminals with private life result in falling asleep at best, and not in serious problems.

Even in the finale, when the situation is theoretically very dangerous, you don’t feel the drama right. The creators use familiar tricks to show how Sonic overcomes his own weaknesses and the enemy is close to victory. Here, Doctor Robotnik acts as an exaggerated, crazy antagonist – to the point of exaggeration, because he is prone to simple tactics that ridicule him. But guess what? I even like it, because the lightness of the film is its advantage. Only there were too many explosive action scenes at the very end. Sonic 2 already lasts two hours, so the debts were unnecessary.

The addition of two new heroes to the film should be assessed positively. Knuckles and Tails can compete with Sonik for the title of the most likeable characteralthough the charm of each of the three stems from different characteristics. Knuckles is a straight minded warrior, just like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, while Tails is a Sonic fan, still making mistakes and less experienced than the blue hedgehog. Guess what this leads to?

Sonic 2 - review.  A nice hedgehog in good shape - Illustration # 2

Humanoid hedgehogs can be compared with the heroes of Alvin and the squirrels. In both cases, unusual creatures require the care of adults. You can see the family message in it Sonica 2. Our goal is to ensure that no one feels lonely, and the family values ​​are emphasized by the attitude of Tom who plays the role of a father and serves with wise (though banal from the perspective of an adult viewer) advice. As a result, the film radiates warmth. Maybe establishing relationships between some characters could take longer, but I turn a blind eye to some simplifications.

Sonic 2 it is also an adventure, although it is definitely written with a small letter. There was no better playing with the mystery of the emerald or even more varied action to be able to feel greater satisfaction. In addition, cutscenes in the form of scenes in Hawaii have the aftertaste of an average series broadcast on the Disney XD channel. Nevertheless, the film has an adventurous accent, and during chases or dance battles one can feel the interest in the actions of the heroes. In addition, the special effects are satisfactory, and one of the scenery looks like a level from a video game.

There are references to pop culture in the film, some of the creativity of the translator. The humor, although usually not of the highest caliber, fits well with the light, joyful atmosphere Sonica 2. Only the action in Hawaii seems to be too exaggerated and just from the cap. Here you have to save the world, we go back to … the wedding of Tom’s sister-in-law. There is something wrong with this whole plot, but the description would need spoilers. The jokes are goofy, and the presented events do not lead to a reasonable or any ending whatsoever. I understand that they wanted to keep human characters busy so that they could show off their fantastic hedgehogs in the meantime, but it was not a very good idea.

Sonic 2 - review.  A nice hedgehog in good shape - Illustration # 3

I watched Sonic 2 with native dubbing – yes, I know, profanation. However, the Polish voices sounded good, and so did the jokes (I’m not sure if they appear in the translation of the subtitles). Nothing bothered me about the screening, but I cannot fully appreciate the performance of praised Carrey. The American comedian has always had excellent facial expressions, and it completes the image of the grotesque Dr. Robotnikhowever, Carrey himself can boast of more interesting and generally better roles in his achievements.

I would also highlight the selection of musical pieces. I like how the movie skillfully uses famous hits (not like in Cruella … it was cool there). One choice particularly surprised me – I was amazed by the presence of the song Norah Jones in Sonic 2, because I hear this artist more than once while hanging out at Nero in Warsaw. It just so happens that her voice was used in the reviewed production in similar circumstances.

The more I think about Sonic 2, the more I like it. This is not entertainment without flaws, but it has been prepared with ingredients that guarantee great fun. If you just want to relax with a casual production and the character of Sonic makes you nostalgic, you should spend an enjoyable two hours with the blue hedgehog. I also recommend going to the screening with the whole family, the youngest will probably be delighted with the adventures of extraordinary heroes.

Rating: 6/10

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