Sense8, the most underrated series in recent years. Why hasn’t it become as iconic as it should be?

Sense8 is one of the most interesting science fiction series in recent years. However, it also seems to be the most underrated. I decided to take a look at it.

Sense8 is a series of the Wachowski sisters, which was to become a pop-culture phenomenon, gathering millions of fans in front of the screens. In the end, fans of the production did not live to see the third series, because Netflix announced in 2017 that there would be no next installment. However, this is where evidence of how powerful, social and pop-cultural it has had emerged Sense8. Fans from all over the world began writing letters and petitions for a relaunch. The streaming giant only remained adamant for a short time. In June 2017, it was revealed that there would be a two-hour finale, which finally aired in 2018. I am a fan of this production myself, because I love science fiction, and the Wachowski series presented an interesting idea for the plot and a great group of heroes. I decided to consider why, despite a lot of phantasy and elements that could easily be done Sense8 cult series, is one of the most underrated episode projects in recent years.

A major objection to the project was that it is permeated with political correctness. The series is about a group of heroes belonging to the genre of the so-called sensorians – people who can feel emotions, senses, thoughts, and even share skills with other members of their group, even being separated by thousands of kilometers. Each cluster has 8 sensorians. The one we meet consists of Chicago policeman Willa, San Francisco hacker Nomi, who is transgender, pharmacist Kali from Mumbai, cashier Wolfgang from Berlin, DJ Riley from Iceland, who lives in London at the beginning of the story, Capheus, bus driver from Nairobi, gay actor Lito from Mexico and businesswoman Sun from Seoul who likes to fight in illegal duels. As you can see, there is no shortage of diversity in production – both in terms of race and sexual and gender identity.

However, I would like to note that the above-mentioned correctness had the most argumentation in history. The production beautifully shows that people who have been brought up in different cultures, environments and religions can create an interesting and empathetic family. Racial and cultural differences only enrich the story, and the relations between the characters become fuller this way. It turns out that despite adversities, each of us really wants the same thing – love, recognition or respect. Therefore, the aforementioned political correctness is not an element that had to be forced into the plot, because it perfectly depicts some universal values ​​and desires.

Elements that can be considered political correctness represent the main characters well. Lito’s homosexuality fuels his thread, making it more interesting. His transformation in the series is one of the strongest moments. In turn, Nomi’s transgender nature (especially at the beginning) smoothly intertwines with the main plot. It is an integral part of the plot, but does not obscure the rest of the story. In the case of Sun, the image of a tormented woman who has to take on the sins of men also affects the character of the character. The creators and actress Doona Bae beautifully built the foundation on which they create inner dilemmas and anger from this issue. By the way, this is probably my favorite (next to Wolfgang!) Character in the entire series. These are just a few examples, but based on them, I can confidently say that I would not Sense8 a production that uses political correctness to tell a story.

Netflix’s production was also picking up controversial, sometimes iconoclastic scenes for many people. It is about showing the births of the main characters or orgies. In my opinion, they were not intended to shock for the sake of shocking, checking the level of tolerance in the recipient or disturbing his comfort while watching. All the content that was controversial for the viewer had its justification in terms of fiction. Even the orgy between the main characters was presented in a humorous way. It symbolized a certain release (literally and figuratively) of tensions and the drama accompanying history. The aforementioned birth sequence was intended to build a sense of bond between the members of the cluster. It made you feel emotional while watching it.

Platforms allow creators to do more and the Wachowski sisters took advantage of it.

Therefore Sense8 was not a production that was supposed to shock. Perhaps – if it were the work of a niche TV station – it would not have such a strong impact on some recipients. But this is a project by Netflix, a streaming giant that reaches millions of viewers around the world. Platforms allow creators to do more and the Wachowski sisters took advantage of it. Ultimately Sense8 can safely be called the production of the full extreme. I have the impression that it wasn’t really focused on reaching the masses. You can see a really large budget in it, for example related to locations, but I think that fans of niche productions would find something for themselves in it. The show is pure entertainment, but under this mantle it tells about the problems of the modern world.

Some may have considered the series to have a banal plot. This is a group of people who discover some unusual abilities in themselves. Plus, we’ve got a mysterious government agency to pursue them. Along the way, they meet strange allies and other people with similar skills. Sounds familiar? Of course. Science fiction is a very depleted genre and it’s hard to find anything fresh in it. The plot diagram that can be seen in Sense8, Certainly, for many people it will duplicate elements used many times in cinema and television. However, you have to admit that the story and characters are the strongest points of production.

And yet the sensorian issue is a very recent issue that has not been in pop culture before, at least not to such an extent. The creators approached human evolution in a very interesting way. The Netflix series is a variation on the superman, developed by Friedrich Nietzsche. It relates well to this topic, touching at least the element of the struggle of species and the fear that homo sapiens feel towards homo sensorium. The heroes’ search for their own self is an important plot that resonates strongly throughout both seasons. In this way Sense8 becomes a philosophical treatise on humanity and social relations.

Sense8 is, above all, a beautiful story about a family. Strange, flawed and slightly dysfunctional – but it all makes you want to watch it on the screen. Each of the main characters is so different from the rest that the viewer can easily find a character to identify with. By the way, our cluster was built on the principle of contrast. On the one hand, we have a certain identity and a liberated Nomi, on the other hand, a little sanctimonious and withdrawn Kala. In addition, Wolfgang the thief and Will’s lawman, the tough and strong Sun and the gentle and charming Riley. There is also Lito, who hides his true self, and Capheus, who found himself in the spotlight due to his honesty and openness. Despite all the science fiction background, it is really a human story. You can see a man with all his strengths and weaknesses. Our characters are not some superheroes. They are just people who want to live a normal life. Scenes in which the main characters interact with each other and try to solve a given problem together are the most beautiful things Sense8 has to offer.

To sum up: Sense8 it is production full of extremes. It has many elements that could easily make it one of the best series in the world – very well-written characters, interesting, engaging intrigue and topics that encourage discussion. Some, however, may accuse it of its schematic nature, playing with controversy and a group of stereotypical figures in the foreground. As you can see, the clash of these two sides of production made the Sense8 is one of the most underrated serial projects in recent years.

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