Maciej Stuhr shaved his head and grew a beard for a new role

Nominated for the Eagles in the main male role (“Back to those days”), he posed with a shaved head, beard and extra kilos. From the latest post on Instagram, we conclude that the actor is preparing another project.

Recall that Maciej Stuhr has already made an Eagle for the film “Pokłosie”. Will the Polish Film Academy appreciate his creation once again? We will find out about it on June 6 during the award ceremony.

A month earlier, a new film starring Stuhr will hit the screens – “Fucking Bornholm” directed by Anna Kazejak is a tragicomic portrait of 40-year-olds and a story full of irony about breaking free from the expectations of others. In the main roles, along with Stuhr, there will be Agnieszka Grochowska, Jaśmina Polak and Grzegorz Damięcki.

A group of friends with their children go on a traditional long weekend trip, which they have been spending for years on the Danish island of Bornholm. An incident between children will trigger a wave of crisis in their relationships. Each couple seems to be happy, but is it really so? Do they live on appearances? – the description of the plot of the film reads.

“It is probably the first time I have met a hero on my way who neither murders innocent women, nor tells a story drawn from his finger in the style of a romantic comedy, or runs somewhere with a gun. We tell a life story from a circle of people in which we also turn I am not saying that it is a film about us, but I have the impression that these characters are very close to us because they are in a situation in which we could easily find ourselves “- assures Stuhr, who played the husband in the film. main character.

The continuation of the comedy hit from 1999 is also waiting for the premiere “Fluke”. The film is an actor’s ticket to a career. Thanks to this role, he gained great popularity, and producers began to look at him more closely. The actor is therefore pleased with the continuation of the cult gangster comedy by Maciej Dutkiewicz from 22 years ago and believes that the new project will also win the hearts of viewers and repeat the success of its predecessor.

In a way, “Fuks” started my career twenty years ago, although it was not my first film and it is not my film debut, but after this film it all really started. First of all, I started to be an actor who is recognizable on the streets, so it is a completely breakthrough moment for every actor who has the honor of experiencing it – says Maciej Stuhr’s Newseria Lifestyle agency.

In the second part of the comedy “Fuks”, the role of the young angry one will be taken over by 20-year-old Maciek (played by Maciej Musiał), the son of Stuhr. The production will show how similar he is to his father, Alex, whose youth was full of dangerous intrigues. Viewers will find out whether the son inherited his character and a tendency to bravado. Maciek is waiting for a date with two unpredictable women. The 20-year-old will be caught up in a game of big money and even more love.

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