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Missing is a four-episode Swedish series about Commissioner Mai Silver. The woman returns to her hometown to meet her daughter. Shortly after her arrival, the mutilated body of a young woman is found. A few days later, a religious girl named Emelie, who belongs to a parish led by charismatic Pastor Stein, disappears. An investigation begins and some embarrassing secrets are revealed.

First episode Missing it is quite tiring because the developers figured out that they will use action cuts and time skips. Instead of showing the events in a chronological and orderly manner, they introduce unnecessary plot chaos. This is a misguided idea at the beginning of the story when we meet the characters. This is cumbersome and discourages follow-up. Fortunately, little use is made of those pesky leaps that were intended to spice up the show. Director Colin Nutley must have realized that it was useless, so he gave it up in the following episodes so that the viewers could focus on the investigation.

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There are actually two things in the show. One is the mysterious death of Mette, and the other is the disappearance of a young girl Emelie, who are most likely linked to each other and related to a local cult. The investigation is unlikely to be fascinating. Maja and her helpers question witnesses and suspects. They are led more casually by spoken thoughts than by evidence and traces. The investigation does not come in wide circles, which may be due to the short format of the series. The creators had to fit into 4 episodes, each 44 minutes long. However, there were some plot surprises in the story, which saves the investigation. Although it must be admitted that the ending is not very satisfying.

Missingas befits a Scandinavian series, it has this characteristic gloomy and cool atmosphere, but it does not distract from the average investigation. It has one turning point and a few side-plots, but it’s all about worship anyway. The creators make no secret of it, because from time to time they show Emelie, tied and suffering, surrounded by crosses. With their help, they turn up the dark atmosphere of the kidnapping, but it is completely unnecessary. In addition, we do not delve into the essence of religious worship, faith or brainwashing – this topic is used instrumentally to give the crime some basis. The authors do not care about morality issues, as if they wanted to leave it to the viewers for their own assessment.

The investigation is not impressive, but Helena Bergström, who plays the main character, deserves praise. It is so natural that you do not feel that it is playing. This makes the series more down-to-earth and realistic. She does not force her character, and yet her Maja is an expressive person with character. He can also be very emotional about things, show impatience and even explode with nervousness. Despite this, she is not a repulsive heroine. As an investigator, she is respectable, but also has a second face – a mother who in the past did not feel very much of this role, but now decided to rebuild her relationship with her daughter (nice Molly Nutley, who in her private life is the daughter of Bergström and the director of the series). An interesting theme of parenthood appears here, which is enriched by the girl’s stepmother. Contrary to appearances, both Becky’s mothers are not hostile to each other, so we watch a different type of relationship here, which is refreshing on the topic, although he has been devoted a little too little time.

Sweetwater // BOB Film Sweden AB

The other actors are also well-matched. The policemen who help Maja appear pale compared to Bergström, but at least they play a fairly important role in the investigation. A police spokeswoman, Camilla, confuses him. Anna Bjelkerud did a great job in this role, because the conflict with Maja is very lively. Johan Widerberg, on the other hand, as Pastor Stein is convincing. He fits the character of a disturbing and haunted manipulator who uses his faithful parishioners. Julia Dufvenius as Emma is also noteworthy, as she plays an exceptionally strange and lost person very well, which results in the search. With those meager dialogues on the show, you have to appreciate the efforts of the actors to keep them from sounding so ridiculous.

Missing it’s a nice crime drama series, but it raises a little too little emotion. On the one hand, these four episodes pass very quickly because there are no debts here. On the other hand, due to the fact that they are time-limited, individual threads do not sound properly. The topic of religious worship and abductions is already a bit worn out, so the story is not original. Thanks to Helena Bergström, this series is malicious, and the investigation sometimes even arouses interest, as well as the side plots. If there was a second (better) season, I would like to watch it because of this actress. Missing it’s an average series that you can watch for a change, but won’t stay in your memory for long.



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