Great cinema premieres. Cinema listings for the weekend. There are hits!

Full of stars “Viking”a Hollywood comedy “The unbearable burden of great talent” with Nicolas Cage and the latest film by Ari Folman “Where’s Anne Frank”these are in our opinion the most important, but not the only premieres of the coming weekend.

What other films hit theaters April 22, 2022? What to see in Multikino, Cinema City and Helios?

Three comedies and two films with serious themes – this is what we are tempted by the cinemas on the weekend that begins on Friday, April 22, 2022. A position that will delight young viewers and avid gamers is awaited “Sonic 2: Lightning Fast” – a family production combining animation with an actor’s film and based on the popular game. In Cinema City, the film is available in 4K quality.

On the other hand, fans of British humor and Benedict Cumberbatch’s talent will certainly not deny themselves a screening “Louis Wain’s Crazy World” about an eccentric artist who infected the whole world with his love for cats. The actor on the big screen is partnered by the serial portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II Claire Foy, the director of “Jojo Rabbit” and “Thor: Ragnarok” – Taika Waititi and musician Nick Cave.

In addition, on April 22, it also premieres an epic “Viking” directed by Robert Eggers, the creator of the moody and disturbing “Lighthouse”.

The film set in the 10th century in Iceland, telling a Shakespearean story of revenge, delights with its cinematography, atmosphere and an excellent cast. The screen will show, among others Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Ethan Hawke, and Nicole Kidman.

The audience debuting on April 22nd also introduces the viewer into a completely different mood “The unbearable burden of great talent”. This is a crazy action comedy in which Nicolas Cage plays … himself. The film’s protagonist, addicted to publicity and drowning in debt, Hollywood star accepts an unusual but lucrative offer from his wealthy admirer: to be the guest of honor at his birthday party in a luxurious mansion. What could go wrong? Of course: everything!

Artistic cinema lovers have been waiting for a long time for the latest animation by Ari Folman, the creator of the unforgettable “Waltz with Bashir”. “Where’s Anne Frank” is an adaptation of a comic book co-created years ago by the director of the film and tells in a non-obvious way about the legacy of the famous Dziennik, one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust – a sensitive 13-year-old hiding with her family in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

We will see all of the above premiere films in large network cinemas: in Multikines, Cinema City and Helios.

It is also worth paying attention to less loud titles that will hit the screens of studio cinemas. “Memoria”in which the phenomenal Tilda Swinton plays the main role, is an ambiguous story about memory, suffering and fear of the unknown, which manifests itself in the form of a mysterious sound that torments the main character.

Hungarian war drama “In the light of day” is the story of one hundred thousand Hungarian soldiers who, as part of the Nazi army, find themselves in the vast territories of the Soviet empire, where they are to introduce new order and eliminate the resisting “bandits”.

“North Sea on fire” is the latest production of catastrophic cinema specialists – the creators of the hit films “Wave” and “The Quake. Earthquake”. The Norwegian drama offers a dizzying pace of action, special effects straight from Hollywood, as well as an excellent script and a strong message.

“Help, I shrunk my friends” is a crazy family movie of German production. We meet Otto, who teaches magic tricks, including shrinkage. One day I give a lesson in shrinking to Felix, who shrinks his friends when they interfere with his date with Melanie.

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