Cosmesotherapy with the Mesoses line by Sesderma

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What is cosmesotherapy, care inspired by one of the most proven aesthetic medicine treatments, and what active ingredients should be included in it? The answers to these questions can be found in the new Sesderma Mesoses line, which, like mesotherapy, uses a cocktail of 15 amino acids, acids and a wide package of antioxidants.

Mesotherapy is one of the most popular and most-chosen treatments from the in-office menu. Its popularity is mainly due to its versatility – it is suitable for all skin types. What is more, it responds to the universal need that exists beyond the division into skin types – deep hydration. The administration of hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of appropriate ingredients additionally firms, tightens, refreshes, eliminates the effect of fatigue, visible, for example, in shadows under the eyes or gray skin tone, adds youthful glow and stimulates the skin to further repair processes. The creators of professional cosmetics looked at this long list of advantages with admiration and envy. Their goal was to create products that would allow women in their own bathrooms to achieve similar effects to those in the office. Sounds promising? This is how the trend for cosmesotherapy was born.

A pipette instead of a needle

Cosmesotherapy is nothing else than cosmetic mesotherapy. It is an ideal solution for people who feel that their favorite face care products used so far do not give the expected results, but it is too early for mesotherapy or who do not want to decide on it for other, various reasons. In order to repeat the office effect, without a needle that allows the cocktail of nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin, it was necessary to use nanotechnology and combine it with the knowledge of aesthetic medicine doctors. This is how the Mesoses line of the Spanish dermocosmetic brand Sesderma was created. Established in 1989 by the eminent dermatologist Dr. Gabriela Serrano, for over three decades, has been working on nanoparticles in cosmetics that allow active ingredients to reach the deepest layers of the skin.

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The recipe for cosmesotherapy: (amino) acids

To best reproduce office mesotherapy, the Mesoses line uses exactly the same scheme of substances administered deep into the skin. The main role is played by hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, which has a high water retention capacity in the skin, and also stimulates the skin to produce new collagen. In addition, an obligatory cocktail, which in this case consists of as many as 15 amino acids, incl. leucine, arginine, aspartic acid, glycine, alanine and serine (their task is to improve the elasticity and hydration of the skin and provide energy to cells). The “and” dots are also L-carnitine, which regulates the secretion of sebum, and glycolic acid with exfoliating, moisturizing and depigmenting properties.

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Silent allies: antioxidants

There is nothing to hide, apart from moisturizing, revitalizing and nourishing the skin, mesotherapy has gained popularity thanks to its rejuvenating effects – almost immediate filling of wrinkles and restoring a youthful “glow”. To duplicate the anti-aging effects, the Mesoses line of cosmetics has been equipped with two types of antioxidants, endogenous and exogenous, that fight free radicals. The first is superoxide dismutase (SOD) – the basic antioxidant enzyme that has a positive effect on delaying aging and alleviating skin damage. It also supports it in reducing the effects of excessive exposure to solar radiation. In addition, reduced glutathione, considered the most powerful antioxidant known, which inhibits the activity of tyrosinase responsible for the formation of discoloration, and organic silicon, an ingredient of many mesotherapy cocktails, with antioxidant and skin firming properties (supports the production of collagen and elastin). Cosmetics from the Mesoses line also contain antioxidants of natural origin. It is an edelweiss flower, rich in leontopodic acid, which reduces crow’s feet or increases tension in the neck area, yellow melilot extract, which has a draining effect, preventing swelling, and troxerutin, which increases the resistance of the capillary walls. It is a long, and for the uninitiated, even a difficult list, which is closed by commonly associated substances: caffeine (improves microcirculation), vitamins C and E (a universal set that brightens and firms) and one of the most popular plants – calendula (soothes, heals and rebuilds).

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The four-step method: from thinner to denser

The Sesdema Mesoses line of dermocosmetics includes four products – all based on nanotechnology, which differ in composition (to ensure complementary action), but also in consistency. They should be applied by “thickening the movements”, ie from the lightest to the heaviest formula, which is easy to evaluate organoleptically. So the first step will be a volatile mist, which is worth moistening the skin before applying the next products, although after using it, it is better not to leave it in the cupboard for the rest of the day. The spray will act as a great revitalizing booster with which you can spray the skin during the day (a very pleasant practice that easily becomes a habit). The second step is a liquid serum with the most concentrated composition, on which a cream should be applied after absorption. The last, additional or replacement step with the cream is the so-called sleeping mask, i.e. a face mask that is applied throughout the night, and its residue is washed off in the morning. While all previous products are intended for everyday use, the mask is a bonus for the skin, which can be donated no more than 2-3 times a week.

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Regularity is important in use, the effects of home mesotherapy will be visible after a long time and diligent use. Thanks to the pleasant consistency, it should be done without much effort.

The Sesderma Mesoses line is available in selected pharmacies and drugstores.

Sesderma Mesoses line / (Photo: Press materials)

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