Actors who played Batman in front of Robert Pattinson

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The latest superhero movie from Gotham City turned out to be a cinematic success, and it can now also be watched at home – on HBO Max. One of the reasons why you should watch “Batman” directed by Matt Reeves is the lead actor – Robert Pattinson. We recall other great actors who played the role of the Dark Knight before him.

Michael Keaton (“Batman”, 1989, and “Batman Returns”, 1992)

When Michael Keaton played Batman in the first version of Tim Burton’s 1989 film, viewers were hoping to see actor Adam West, who was then almost the official face of a superhero in both the TV series and the 1966 film, in the role. However, Michael Keaton accepted the offer. Although he seemed more familiar with light and comedy roles than the character of the charismatic billionaire and avenger, the actor did the job. The character of Batman created by him, being a combination of a tough and modest man, but at the same time human and a bit insane, remains one of the most iconic characters of the series to this day.

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Val Kilmer (“Batman Forever”, 1995)

After the successful adaptation of Tim Burton, the bar was set high. Val Kilmer has been criticized many times for the fact that he played Batman in the production of Joel Schumacher impersonally, his performance also did not gain critical acclaim. The film turned out to be a huge box office success, however, and Batman’s creator Bob Kane reportedly admitted that he was more convinced of his role than of all the other actors who preceded it.

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George Clooney (“Batman and Robin”, 1997)

When Joel Schumacher chose George Clooney to replace Val Kilmer in Batman and Robin, the actor’s career took off to the fullest. However, his interpretation of the Gotham Avenger character was not convincing – many considered him a caricature of the character and almost bland compared to other actors in the film. George Clooney himself has repeatedly claimed to have “killed Batman”, apologizing to his fans for the failed interpretation. The fact that Batman and Robin was hailed as the worst part of the series certainly didn’t help him.

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Christian Bale (“Batman Begins”, 2005, “The Dark Knight”, 2008, and “The Dark Knight Rises”, 2012)

When it comes to choosing the actor who best portrayed the Dark Knight, Christian Bale is the best. He could perfectly balance the human Bruce Wayne, full of conflicting emotions, and a dark and tormented superhero. From the young novice character in Batman Begins to the avenger who returns in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, the actor has ranked Batman higher than his superhero role and restored the character’s nobility.

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Ben Affleck (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, 2016, “Suicide Squad”, 2016, and “Justice League”, 2017)

From his role in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and ending with “Justice League,” Ben Affleck has shown a wide range of everything that Batman can represent. He is a charismatic Bruce Wayne who, after putting on the protagonist’s costume, becomes a Batman at odds with himself, a bit paranoid, and even completely defeatist. However, he was criticized for the caricatured dimension of the character, especially for his costume, in which he looked overly muscular, and for his very masculine demeanor.

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Robert Pattinson (“Batman”, 2022)

What kind of Batman turned out to be Robert Pattinson? The actor has repeatedly proved that he can play the role of dark and tormented characters, and in an interview for “Variety” he revealed that he is interested in the duality of the character, who never knows if he will cope with the task. Alongside Colin Farrell as the Penguin and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, the English actor had the chance to become the new audience favorite as the new Batman. He hadn’t forfeited her.

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