5 weirdest confessions from the Depp vs. Heard

On April 11, 2022, another trial began between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard. This time, the actress was sued by her ex-husband for defamation for publishing an article in The Washington Post, describing herself as a victim of domestic violence. These accusations, obviously relating to Johnny Depp, led him to lose roles in the film, among others. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets or series Pirates of the Caribbean.

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1. Johnny Depp had to seek medical attention after Amber Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him

As Johnny Depp testified, in 2015 Amber Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him, which shattered and cut off a piece of his finger. Depp also confessed that although he personally does not know how a person with a nervous breakdown is feeling, it seems to him that at that moment he was the closest to his transition. Heard has denied these allegations.

You can read more about this in this article in the Light screen section.

2. Amber Heard has trouble breaking routine

Johnny Depp confessed at the time of his testimony that he began to notice “unusual” reactions from Amber Heard when he happened to break their routine. Examples include the desire to go to bed at a different time than the wife at the time, or the situation with … shoes. The actor described an incident that happened one day after he returned from work. Usually it was his wife who took off his shoes after he came home, but that day she was talking on the phone, so Depp decided to take off his shoes … by himself. When she noticed this, Heard was supposed to look shocked and upset, accusing him that it was her job and that he shouldn’t be doing it alone.

3. Incident with … feces

Another accusation against Amber Heard made by Johnny Depp is that after an argument, after he announced that he was leaving his wife, he found excrement in their shared bed. As he confessed, his initial reaction to the photo of feces was laughter, because the situation was so grotesque that he could not act otherwise. Heard denied having a bowel movement on the bed, blaming their dogs. Depp, however, replied that he could not believe these translations, because they then owned four Teacup Yorkies, which are extremely small specimens of Yorkshire terriers. Each of them was to weigh no more than 2 kilograms.

This charge also appeared during the 2020 defamation trial in the UK. The court then ruled that it was unlikely that Heard or one of her girlfriends was to blame for the situation because it was Heard who would be suffering from feces on the bed, not Depp. In addition, there was evidence that one of the dogs had problems with bowel movements after accidentally ingesting marijuana.

4. Amber Heard doesn’t like Johnny Depp’s tattoo

During the trial, Johnny Depp confessed that Amber Heard had a problem with one of his tattoos, namely that she did not like a tattoo that the actor once made in honor of Winona Rider, with whom he was associated at the time. Tattoo Winona forever has been changed to Forever winehowever, it is not known whether the dispute between the spouses had any impact on this change.

5. Johnny Depp in a relationship … with his own mother?

Johnny Depp confessed that:

You slowly begin to realize that in some ways you are in a relationship with your mother.

This would explain a long introduction to his testimony in which the actor described the violence he suffered from his mother. He described “incessant” bullying that took the form of throwing ashtrays and high-heeled shoes. Another example was using the telephone for the purpose of hitting. Depp himself admitted that when he became a father, he did everything to make sure that his children did not receive a similar upbringing, and that he himself never hit any woman.

Depp vs. Heard – trial

The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began on April 11, 2022 and is estimated to take about six weeks.

Johnny Depp’s ongoing trial against Amber Heard is broadcast on the US Court TV channel.

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