THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF A GREAT TALENT. Nicolas Cage plays himself – can the world be more beautiful?

If you are admirers of Nicolas Cage’s talent, watch this movie. However, if you don’t like Cage, check out The Unbearable Weight of Great Talent for Pedro Pascal.

What Cage is like, everyone can see. About his phenomenon has probably been written all over the world. A human being an institution in the acting field, a human being a meme in virtual space. Although some of the youngest audiences associate Cage’s face more with funny pictures than with his profession, this does not change the fact that the actor is still trying to stay in the Hollywood premier league. He goes for it with varying degrees of luck, Cage often appears in mean productions, but the marketing potential of his persona made him see a movie in which he can play himself. Such an honor is only given to the greatest – but I do not know if Cage is one of them, since even in stories about himself he is not the brightest point on the agenda.

Benefis in honor of Cage

Nicolas Cage in The unbearable weight of a great talent he plays Nicolas Cage, an aging actor who still wants to play a “big role”. The opening of the film sees him at a professional crossroads as he clumsily struggles to get involved in a new production that could help him get back to the top. He carefully prepares for the casting, even plays a scene in the street in front of the creator of a newly-made film, but it does not help – the great talent of the protagonist was not recognized. The man is desperate, he feels that his acting mission is coming to an end. He devoted his whole life to her, including putting his family life at risk, just to play in front of the camera and earn money for it. Lonely, at odds with his adolescent daughter, he wants to leave the stage defeated.

Opportunity comes from the unexpected side – here is a die-hard and wealthy fan Javi (Pedro Pascal) invites Cage to Spain to celebrate his birthday party. For an artist it is a mess, disgusting to sell his image to the amusement of people he does not know. However, since the career is on the verge of collapse, and life at a high level is too much in the blood, Cage agrees to the proposal and goes to the Old Continent, not expecting that, in addition to the surprising proposal to play in the film based on Javi’s script, the American will appear challenges that he only had to deal with on the sets he was playing.

The unbearable burden of great talent is a combination of comedy with the convention of sensational cinema, in which one tries to examine the phenomenon of Nicolas Cage with a grain of salt. Throughout the film, references to films with the American actor appear regularly. However, this is not an ambitious analysis, but rather a presentation of some of the most interesting elements of the American’s professional life, which for various reasons could become cult. The director of the film, Tom Gormican, very delicately mimics the achievements of the main character, although he never allows himself any more malice towards the actor. It appears that The unbearable burden of great talent is a benefit in honor of Nicolas Cage, in which Cage can showcase a wide range of his skills, especially comedy.

Pedro Pascal steals the show

The best thing about the film is the relationship between Cage and Pascal, it drives the plot and brings the audience the most joy. The developing relationship between the actor and the “hiring” millionaire begins with Javi’s fan relationship with Nicolas, and then develops in a surprising direction. The creators successfully manage to win the most important points of this relationship: fascination with a Hollywood star, the use of a Hollywood star to escape reality towards dreams of returning to fame, as well as buddy adventures with sensational chic. Looking through the prism of this relationship, The unbearable burden of great talent appears as buddy comedy about two mature men experiencing exciting events, as if they were again twenty years old and indestructible.

Cage is quite comfortable with this laid-back convention, but Pedro Pascal is the one who steals every scene. The actor brilliantly presented Javi as a character dreaming of a directing career, around which rumors of criminal activity appear. Pascal can be cold and impenetrable, only to light up a moment later and melt the heart of even the most staunch enemy with a broad smile. Pascal was supposed to partner Cage, but it turns out that I would like to watch the movie about him.

The unbearable burden of great talent

The unbearable burden of great talent it is an attempt to confront the myth of a big star without any harsher jokes. It is a pity that the creators are very gentle with Cage. Respecting his achievements and performances, for example, with David Lynch, it cannot be denied that the last stage of his career should be the object of mockery. One would like to parody some of Cage’s recent acting feats. The director, however, respects his hero, so he never gives the impression that he would like to infringe his good name, even for his own good. The film could therefore become a mine of memes, which would paradoxically be able to warm Cage’s image with mockery, meanwhile The unbearable burden of great talent he went to a comedy sensational movie in which another big name might as well play.

Although less than two hours of the screening pass in a pleasant atmosphere, you hoped that the film would not turn out to be a card for Cage. It did not happen The unbearable burden of great talent can be compared to telling a joke, after which he asks if he really has offended anyone, which, however, does not change the fact that Nicolas Cage is still in great shape and it is good to see him with such a phenomenal partner as Pedro Pascal.

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