The unbearable burden of great talent – film review

Nicolas Cage there will be a biographical film one day, but this is not the moment. The unbearable burden of great talent is a self-conscious action comedy that uniquely combines an actor’s career from the times Leave Las Vegas, Without face and what he is currently doing, playing in interesting and independent projects by ambitious creators.

Nicolas Cage takes on the role of himself, a Hollywood actor who probably has his best years behind him. But the bills have to be paid, so Cage tries to get hold of any project to stay afloat. Desperate, he agrees to participate in the party of a mysterious millionaire, who is a big fan of his acting talent. However, he could not have foreseen that he would become involved in a criminal story straight from the films with his participation, and that on this unexpected occasion he would find tips on how to continue his professional and private life.

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The unbearable burden of great talent is a cinema about the cinema of Nicolas Cage – we have a lot of references to his previous films, but also to the myth that he overwhelmed him. At first, it seemed that Hollywood would be reeling, that there would be more after the first Oscar. Unfortunately, the life situation and debts forced a slightly different direction. The actor began to play in anything that would repair his budget. He grabbed projects of dubious quality, such as National treasure, Ghost Rider or The sorcerer’s apprentice. When it was possible to satisfy the creditors and stabilize the situation, Cage began to select roles from independent cinema with remarkable intuition, playing the role of exceptional heroes or eccentric weirdos. Thus, he managed to contradict many opinions that he is best as a meme hero and is a synonym for hopeless acting. In a new movie Tom Gormican the juxtaposition of these two realities is extremely attractive, and at the same time very funny.

Gormican proposed a fresh approach to comedy action cinema in the style of a buddha movie, presenting us with an unusual duo of main characters. Nicolas Cage and Javi Gutierrez (played by Pedro Pascal) create such a sincere, fraternal and understanding relationship that it is from their cooperation that the film gains the most. Meta elements also make the show more attractive, but can sometimes tire you out. At some points, the emphasis was wrongly placed between the plot Unbearable burden … and comments on Cage’s career. However, there is something nice about watching the real Cage enter the cinematic reality and play the role of a double agent. And Pascal is brilliant in this movie. His sense of comedy, the genuine joy of playing the biggest fan Nicolas Cage alongside Nicolas Cage is something that immediately beats the screen. Gormican took care of the fast pace and the right number of gags, so that even larger or smaller shortcomings do not change the final perception of this film. It’s great entertainment.

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Ultimately, I was hoping for a bit more, but if you have no expectations ahead of the Nicolas Cage movie starring Nicolas Cage, you will definitely have a lot of fun. Rather, it will not be as great a work as Dr. Caligari’s officewill not repeat the success Paddington 2 in squeezing the audience’s tears, but in many ways it’s a fascinating confrontation between a young and old actor who may have spent too much time on his nose in scripts, rather than seeing the beauty of the world around him.

Watching Unbearable burden… is what sums up the life of the real Cage and symbolizes his entire career path. Self-awareness beats the screen, sometimes it’s hard to see when Cage is playing and when he is actually himself. It is a solid position, sometimes tiring with an excess of meta comments, and sometimes wasting its potential, but I have no doubt that it will be great fun for both the actor’s fans and his greatest critics. The show shows many faces of Nicolas Cage, including the real one – a great performer. An actor who knows his profession.

The unbearable burden of great talent

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