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In an exclusive interview for DC News, Cătălin Țibuleac spoke about what the Danube Delta has to offer in the context in which the economic crisis is starting to be felt more and more in Romania.

Cătălin Țibuleac, president of the Danube Delta Tourist Destination Management Association (AMDTDD), presented, exclusively for DC News, what is the offer that the Danube Delta offers to tourists in 2022:

“Most hotels in the Delta have prepared their locations to receive tourists and are trying to keep prices at a level that is not severely affected by the economic crisis. Obviously there is an increase in prices, but I don’t think this will affect those who are passionate about this enchantment that the Danube Delta offers. We have prices for all categories of tourists, from 1,400 lei to 4,000 lei for 5 stars. Delta offers relaxation, sightseeing, kayaking, water biking. The offer is for everyone, including those who do not want to leave the car unattended, and the locations on the mainland of the Danube Delta are tender. Here I am referring to those from Jurilovca, Sarichioi or Murighiol. There are destinations that are bidding from this point of view.

Last year we were in the middle of a pandemic and there were measures that often proved to be unpredictable in terms of what needs to be done. We had a wave of tourists who wanted to leave their homes after being kept away from holidays. This year, the fear of tourists is due to the fear that the war is near and could be affected. In February, when the conflict broke out, we noticed a stagnation, but later people realized that the destination is safe, that Romania is safe, and these reservations have returned to a level that we say is satisfactory. De Florii we had quite a few boarding houses with a 100% occupancy rate. For Easter, as far as we know, the reservations were a few days ago at 75-80%, which gives us the premises for a good season. We are no longer marked by the Covid-19 measures and all we have to offer tourists is the certainty that their fears are unfounded, so we invite everyone to come on vacation “, said, at DC News, Cătălin Țibuleac.

Transformation of the Danube Delta, a Romanian paradise. Cătălin Ţibuleac, about the new face of this fabulous land

The President of the Management Association of the Danube Delta Tourist Destination (AMDTDD), Cătălin Ţibuleac, spoke about the transformation of this fabulous land.

“What is important to know is that the PNRR provides for the construction of a route of traditional routes in the Danube Delta. DDBRA, the Danube Delta Association and the mayors of the Danube Delta included in this route important quantities from the Delta, from Jurilovca to Caraorman, Periprava, Chilia, Murighiol. Practically, each locality will have somewhere in six houses that will be renovated and included in this route.

We hope that, in two years from now, we will have a functional route of these houses that will join the deltaic tourism. For several years we have been struggling to define deltaic tourism in a specific form of tourism, a tourism that requires a slow, ecotourism approach, based on local gastronomy. Delta tourism joins mountain tourism, seaside tourism, spa tourism and so on. The Ministry has accepted this form and practically, from this year, we are talking about deltaic tourism, not only delta tourism “, said the president of the Danube Delta Tourist Destination Management Association (AMDTDD), Cătălin Ţibuleac (read more HERE).

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