Tangled hair in the morning? Try these six evening habits

The way we treat our hair in the evening translates into the state of the strands right after waking up. It is important that usually in the morning we do not have much time to play with our hair and most often the proverbial five minutes must be enough to tame it. To make this task easier, it is enough to develop a few evening habits.

Hair does not often look like a magazine in the morning. Ruffled in various directions, sometimes also tangled strands appear in the mirror most often. Such a view does not comfort you, because there is a need to tame unruly hair. To make it easier, you need to remember about proper hair care every day, but the right cosmetics are not everything. It is worth focusing on regularity and developing a few simple habits that will pay off with more manageable strands. What is worth remembering?

  • Six evening habits that will improve the appearance of your hair in the morning

Nourish your hair before going to bed

At night, hair that has been treated with selected cosmetics regenerates better and is healthier. Therefore, take care of your hair in the evening, not in the morning, and don’t limit yourself to just shampooing. Also reach for a conditioner or mask that will provide your hair with the necessary nutrients. There will be plenty of time overnight for them to be fully operational. Besides, in the morning you will not have to wash your head before leaving the house.

Massage the scalp

You can massage the head while washing your hair in the evening. Regardless of whether you reach for a massager or use your own hands for it, you will relax your tense scalp and relax after a long day. In addition, you will stimulate the blood supply to the skin and hair bulbs, and you will also strengthen the process of cleansing the scalp. Better oxygenation and blood supply can improve the rate of hair growth.

Dry your hair before going to bed

If you are a supporter of washing your head in the evening, so as not to waste valuable time in the morning on the entire procedure, be sure to dry them thoroughly. Even if you adhere to the principle that a hair dryer is a necessary evil and your hair tends to dry out overnight, don’t do it. Damp strands are easier to damage mechanically, e.g. by rubbing your head against a pillow at night. After falling asleep with wet hair for a long time, you may find that your hair has become dull and brittle and the ends split, which looks terrible. In addition, sleeping with a wet head on a pillow is unhygienic and increases the risk of skin inflammation, as heat and moisture encourage the proliferation of harmful microbes. There is another dark side to sleeping with a wet head – the hair gets tangled and it is more difficult to bring it to the composition in the morning. And the point is not to waste too much time on them in the morning, right?

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Tie them loosely

Do you go to sleep with your hair loose? This habit is worth changing for an important reason. Loosely spread strands are not the best option, as they rub against the pillow and become weaker, but also tying them tightly does not serve the hair. Tight buns left overnight weaken the hair roots. It is worth finding a compromise here and tying your hair in a loose braid so that the bulbs can rest, but the strands do not rub against the sheets. In addition, hair tied this way in the morning is easier to detangle and style.

Treat the tips with oil

Once you have braided your hair, remember to protect it with a suitable hair oil or serum. The idea is not only to deliver important nutrients to the tips, but also to protect them from rubbing against the pillow and damage.

Sleep on a smooth pillowcase

If you have been indifferent to what pillow you put your head to sleep on, you should do an examination of conscience. Coarse materials are not conducive to hair, exposing it to damage for several hours of sleep. The best use for them is silk bedding, on which the strands glide gently, which reduces brittleness and frizz. Therefore, it is also worth considering changing the type of bedding.

By implementing at least some of these hair-beneficial habits, you will improve its appearance and make it easier for you to care for it in the morning.

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