Steven Seagal is laughing at Joe Biden? The American actor is controversial

In the 1990s, Steven Seagal was one of the biggest action stars. When his career lost its pace after 2000, we heard more than about his work about friendship with the Russian president. Today, the star surprises again by posting jokes about Joe Biden on social media.

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Just a few days ago, the American actor celebrated his 70th birthday. A party was organized in his honor in Moscow. Sam honored her with his presence.

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If at the beginning of the 90s any cinema fan heard about the fact that in 10 years Steven Seagal will star in low-budget, low-flying filmsintended in advance for the home video market, would surely knock on the head.

The last decade of the twentieth century is definitely a golden time for the American actor. Seagal has gained popularity thanks to its unusual “exotic-American” beauty, combined with perfect knowledge of eastern martial artswhich he met while in the 1970s in Japan.

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He later used the newly acquired skills in Hollywood, initially as a karate teacher (he trained, among others, Sean Connery), and soon also as an actor. When in 1988 he received his first role in “Nico: Above the Law” the world of film had no doubts – here was a new character, extremely significant for action cinema. A real legend.

Steven Seagal’s streak unfortunately ended with the decline of the martial arts cinema fashion. This fate was also shared by other actors who gained fame at a similar time (including Michael Dudikoff or Jean-Claude Van Damme), and were unable to cope with the “new era”, unlike such action movie heroes as Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone, who also performed well in a different genre cinema.

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Though Steven Seagal has appeared in over forty films since 2000, on the fingers of one hand you can count those that have been distributed in theaters. The rest, due to low interest, hit the home video or VOD market right away.

At that time, the actor he even appeared in two productions made in Poland – “Foreigner” from 2003 and “Out of reach” from 2004. In these pictures, Seagal was accompanied by a cream of Polish stars on the screen, and one of the most significant roles was even given to the current TVP presenter Ida Nowakowska.

Nobody, however, had any doubts that the actor’s career will not rise halfway to the level at which it was maintained in the 1990s. – even a supporting role in the hit “Machete” by Robert Rodriguez did not help.

Steven Seagal no longer appeared on the big screens, but unexpectedly began to make headlines. All because of friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The actor has long been interested in politics, as evidenced by the announcements candidacy for Arizona governorwhich he eventually gave up. He also spoke frequently about American international politics.

He repeatedly complimented Vladimir Putin in talks with the media, calling him “one of the greatest leaders”. Seagal made frequent trips eastduring which he visited not only his friend, but also the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka.

In 2016, the star was awarded Russian citizenshipand soon the Kremlin appointed him “special representative for relations with the United States.” His tasks included supervision over the areas of culture, art and relations between young people from both countries.

When Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022, wreaking havoc and death, Steven Seagal did not criticize Putin’s actions. On the contrary, in one of the interviews he emphasized that the difficult relations between Russia and Ukraine were to result from the intervention of foreign forces seeking to arouse a conflict between states.

Pro-Russian show business stars such as Gerard Depardieuif Natalia Oreiro, decided to cut off the decision of the Russian president. The French actor openly criticized Putin’s actions, calling them “crazy”, and the Uruguayan singer left the country.

Steven Seagal decided that it is in Moscow that it will celebrate its 70th birthday. Important personalities of Russian propaganda – Vladimir Soloviev and Margarita Simonjan from Russia Today appeared at the party organized in his honor.

Few, however, are aware that the American actor is also connected with Putin’s country through family ties. Steven Seagal’s father was, after all Russian Jew.

Although the star is present on social media, he rarely uses them. On April 19, however, on his InstaStory, he posted a meme whose author makes fun of US President Joe Biden. In light of the current Russian-American conflict, this seems quite telling.

Is Steven Seagal’s star still able to shine? Will the actor come back like a phoenix from the ashes and conquer the cinema once again? Looking objectively there is no chance of it.

The American film industry, in which the star of “Liberator” has been considered persona non grata for some time, he will not be able to forgive his friendship with Putin even in the event that the artist confesses and apologizes for his decisions.

Reality proves besides that Hollywood has locked its doors to the pioneers of martial arts cinema – even the uncontroversial ones, as evidenced by the fact that Jean-Claude Van Damme, who is at the same artistic level (whom Seagal privately hated), recently announced his retirement.

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