Make room for the Oppo Reno7 Lite 5G, the new Handsome Phone! (review)

After witnessing its launch in Europe at the EEC in Prague, it’s time to get to know the Oppo Reno 7 Lite 5G, which is almost entirely about what it looks like. And that’s exactly what we’re going to start with. It’s an extremely beautiful phone. It has a design that could be perceived as even slightly retro. It is flat on both sides, no curved or bent surface, flat screen, flat back, a sandwich that I was actually ready to swear was glass and metal. Speaking of retro air, when I first got my hands on it, it instantly reminded me of the iphone 4, just as flat on the back and with that square, slightly pronounced frame. This is exactly how it looks and feels, but it’s thinner, less greasy and thicker and bigger.

It’s about the fancy look

Then the way the back looks. The manufacturers made a kind of vodoo and invented the texture of it many layers, with a very fine coating, and this version of Oppo Reno7 Lite that I have and which is called Rainbow Spectrum, even manages to give you all the colors of the rainbow . It has a lot of reflections, some of which are more interesting and subtle, so if you’re a fan of chameleon approaches, this is the phone for you. The Oppo logo is discreet but visible in one corner, and in the opposite corner adjoins the rooms, two in number, delimited by an equally glossy surface, but we are not dealing with a module itself, but only with this delimitation. of the surface, below which is elegantly written AI portrait camera. So the phone doesn’t have a bump, it doesn’t have its own module, just the cameras themselves that seem to be attached directly to the flat back of the phone. It doesn’t look bad at all, on the contrary, it breathes simplicity and elegance and I really like the symmetry of the two objectives that seem identical. But wait, I didn’t get to the coolest thing.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

The two cameras included in the Oppo Reno7 Lite are surrounded by an… RGB ring! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Look, no one has thought of that before. I think I’ve seen some of these logos that were lit up on various more gaming models like that, but that’s not gaming at all, but it uses this lighting as a decorative element around the rooms. And the colors change depending on certain actions or contexts: when you turn it on it has a light breathing, ie flickering, when the phone charges the two rings are permanently lit, when you receive a blinking call, unread messages again breathe easily and games they have a kind of blink.

Screen and hardware

I don’t know if I liked it so much or if it surprised me more! You can’t pretend you don’t see this! So the Oppo Reno7 Lite seems to be specially designed to get your attention. Turning it over, you come across a screen that is neither too big nor too small, it is an intermediate diagonal of just over 6.4 inches, OLED with a peak brightness of 600 nitsi. It doesn’t look bad at all, on the contrary, the colors are good and vibrant, but the frequency is at 60Hz, a bit low for today’s expectations and demands and the resolution is Full HD +. In fact, I don’t care about the resolution, it’s ok for this screen size, but I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t put a screen at least 90Hz, because now such a specification is no longer something exotic. , not even in the area of ​​more affordable phones.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

Oppo Reno7 Lite is resistant to IPX4 water and dust, ie not to dive in the Dead Sea and is light at 173 grams. One thing that caught my eye is that the phone that came to my test is with Android 11 and the proprietary Color OS 12 interface. update. But when moving, it moves well, the interface is simple and airy, nothing bothersome or out of place. The phone is powered by a more mid-range Qualcomm processor, a Snapdragon 695 5G, a 6-nano chip that appeared sometime late last year, and which did more than honorably in Geekbench 5. It scored 1970 points, a bit above average in the category, and also does well in games.

Okay, considering that the screen is FHD + and the processor is not very power hungry, so it doesn’t get too hot, the experience was quite fluid in the few titles we tried. Not great not terrible, a decent processor, backed by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. And speaking of storage, which may seem insufficient to some, Oppo Reno7 Lite has an old-school treat, namely you can add a micro-sd card and expand your storage in this way. Something that is not as common today as it once was, but which seems practical to me. And it’s not the only “retro” thing on this phone: the headphone jack also has a comeback, and I know quite a few people who still cry for it: people who still have cool wired headphones and jack and who want to use them, right? Of course, no one is stopping you from plugging in a USB-C-jack adapter, only these adapters have the stupid habit of getting lost and lost when your world is dearer to you.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

I swear I had at least 2-3 whose fate I know nothing about. So the jack is directly on the phone to be received. As for the rest of the goodies we’ve gotten used to on our phones lately, some are, some aren’t. For example, the fingerprint sensor is in the power button, not below the screen. Or the fact that the Oppo Reno7 Lite does not support WiFi6, the latest and greatest in terms of wireless connection standards, instead it is 5G or supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 or aptxHD standard, that codec released by Qualcomm meant to support hi-res audio at 24 of bits.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

That is, an amalgam of more vintage stuff, like a headphone jack, micro-sd support or fingerprint sensor in the power button and state-of-the-art specifications like aptxHD, bluetooth 5.2 or 5G. This whole set is powered by a battery that is neither too much nor too very 4500mAh, with super-fast charging as they call this standard, at 33W. What should be noted here in terms of engine, is that RAM expansion that allows you to allocate some more virtual space on the storage, ie ROM. This thing is done with settings, RAM, RAM expansion and you get an Expand By option and enter the value by which you increase the amount of RAM. This helps in multitasking or in very demanding games like games, for a smoother experience and to prevent lag or slow down processes. I tried this option and it really feels, it works.

The best room is the one you have

I chose to talk at the end about Oppo Reno7 Lite’s cameras. It is interesting that the developers position this model as an affordable phone, not very pretentious, but with good performance in the photo area. So be it? Well, yes and no. In the sense that it really benefits from a good main camera with a 64MP Sony sensor. Not so much, in the sense that she’s the only one who matters. It is also complemented by a 2MP depth camera and another 2MP macro camera. The problem with the latter is that it also has a very low resolution sensor, and it is also very niche. How many pictures of ladybugs to take? One or two a year? I don’t know what to say, they better put an ulra-wide, you would have used it more often than you will ever use a macro.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

As for the depth camera, they say that it, in conjunction with the main camera, gets very good results in portrait mode, and indeed the images resulting in this shooting mode really look good. But I wouldn’t say it’s something I’ve never seen before. But the fireworks that Oppo Reno7 Lite boasts in the photo are more software. The camera is aided by a fairly clever AI, and has all sorts of gimmicks like bokeh flare, adjustment and retouching possibilities, a kind of automatic beautification, HDR selfies, a mode called extra HD and that makes some captures at 108MP, and so on.

Yes, I know this sounds weird with 108MP pictures when the camera sensor is only 64MP, and no, it’s not a mistake, it’s also a software algorithm implemented on the Oppo Reno7 Lite. In fact, if you go to the more section of the photo application, which is very simple and intelligible, you will also find other things like dual video or manual mode. But speaking of video here I am a little disappointed, the filming is maximum 1080p @ 30, both with the rear camera and the front 16MP. The only remarkable thing about this front camera is that you can turn on HDR for selfies.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

These would be the most important aspects of the Oppo Reno7 Lite whose main advantage is ultimately the appearance. It is a phone that looks very good, but which is otherwise simple, unpretentious, functional and efficient, but without standing out through extraordinary features or outstanding performance. I saw comments from those who tested it on the outside claiming that it is even less equipped than its direct predecessor, the 6Z model. The good part is that it’s good looking and for many it matters, the less good part for it is that it has fierce competition not only from other older or newer Oppo models, but also from other manufacturers in this area. price sometimes offers more in terms of features.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G – Conclusion and price

If I were to mention a few good features of the Oppo Reno7 Lite, I would point out the look, the good and very balanced Qualcomm processor and the Sony main camera. And now let’s say a few bad things, to make matters worse: the absence of other useful focal lengths, at least an ultrawide there, filming is only 1080, the fact that he does not have a WiFi6 on his soul there and the frequency at 60Hz of the screen, it was not bad to have been at least 90Hz. I would give extra points for this ingenious trick of the light rings around the cameras, which is a unique feature, and for the presence of the headphone jack.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G review

But how much is the robe, sir, how much is the robe? The price of Oppo Reno7 Lite is 1800 lei and here, alas, there’s the rub as Hamlet said in the famous monologue. Here’s the bug, because with this money, there are other phones, some of them even better equipped. Sure, it doesn’t look as good as this, but it’s definitely a solid alternative in terms of specs and performance.

Now, everyone decides what matters to themselves: if your stake is appearance then go for Oppo Reno7 Lite. If you want the biggest bang for the buck, ie the maximum performance for your money, then you have other options and options. But if you’re not an extremist of specs, you can go quietly on this phone, there are many users for what they do every day with a phone, browsing, social media, movies, a little game from time to time, Oppo Reno7 Lite is only good and enough.

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