I tested three iconic Avon products that have been hits for years. Is it worth it?

Though the memic question “do you want something from Avon?” I have heard it more than once, in fact I have never tested anything from there. Actually, I don’t know why. I remember the make-up products that my mother used to buy at Avon, and which I often looked through with fascination in her make-up bag, and now, when I could finally check them on my own skin, I started nothing other than the bestsellers, which are already cult. Is their phenomenon justified?

The beginning of spring looks a bit like waking up from winter sleep and hibernation. I slowly start to leave the house, spend time outside and clean up not only the wardrobe, but also my vanity case. What I wanted this season was to keep my makeup as simple as possible, while also being plain expressive. When there was an opportunity to test some of Avon’s most popular makeup products – mascara, lipstick and bronzing pearlsI did not hesitate for a moment. What have many women noticed and liked about them?

Iconic, or what? I am testing Avon makeup products

The higher the temperatures and the more the sun appears in the sky, the less I feel like applying complex makeup on my face. To make the one that looks effective, but still takes a few minutes and requires only three cosmetics, I used the iconic ones that many of our mothers and friends ordered from the magazines.

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He went first “5 in One Lash Genius” inkthe purpose of which is to provide the effect of thickened, elongated, separated and raised deep black eyelashes. In fact, after seeing the brush, I already knew that this one would surely provide adequate separation and would not stick my lashes together. Just one layer made these look longer and lifted while providing a natural effect. Although they were not too bold, the other superlatives of this mascara effectively made up for it. The look looked more expressive, and in combination with the eyeliner, the mascara would certainly also work for creating a more evening look look‘at. Importantly, the mascara did not reflect under the eyes – after all, which of us likes to look like a panda?

The photo shows the difference between mascara and natural lashes.

Mascara test “5 in One Lash Genius”

Photo: own materials

The next ones were highlighting and bronzing pearlsWhich of the mother’s beauticians do I remember best. When I was a child, I was very fascinated by this form of applying the cosmetic, and when I could now use it to apply makeup, I was very curious if my fascination would end. These, however, positively surprised me. They added some color to my skin, which I miss so much after far too long winter, and lightened it up delicately. Even with the passage of time, the effect they provided looked as good as it did at the beginning and I look forward to seeing them show their full potential in the sun.

Highlighting and bronzing pearls from Avon

Highlighting and bronzing pearls from Avon

Photo: own materials

The icing on the cake, quite literally, was “Red Carpet” lipstickwhich attracted me with a deep red color with light, burgundy tones. The producers assure that this one is supposed to provide us with a creamy effect, coverage and comfort of wearing without drying out the lips. And in fact – the lipstick is applied really smoothly and its color is really pigmented.

Crème Legend & quot; Red Carpet & quot;

Crème Legend “Red Carpet” lipstick

Photo: own materials

The downside is that the creamy formula of the lipstick, apart from moisturizing the lips, makes it impossible to move. However, it rubs evenly, leaving a delicate color on the lips that does not collect in random places. Would I put it on myself when going for ramen? Probably not. But I will certainly find a use for it, because it’s worth it!

Makeup made with Avon's bestsellers

Makeup made with Avon’s bestsellers

Photo: own materials

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