Here are the real reasons for kicking the actress from the set of Magic Mike 3? Thandiwe Newton considering therapy at the center!

According to Page Six, Newton is currently going through a difficult period, struggling with emotional and family problems. The reason is to be the separation of the actress and Ol Parker. Thandiwe and the British director and screenwriter were married for 24 years and had three children. The break-up of the long-term relationship clearly shocked the actress and led to a surprising reshuffle on the set of the third part of the movie “Magic Mike”.

“Thandiwe was acting weird on set. She was very nervous. Her breakdown caused so many problems that it became clear that she couldn’t handle the role. A lot is going on in her personal life. She and her husband broke up,” describes Page Six. referring to a person from production. According to the portal’s account, after the situation, the actress’s agent flew to London, where the film was being shot, who quickly took her to the States and offered therapy at the center. According to media reports, the actress will probably go to a treatment center in Arizona. For now, however, neither the star nor its representatives have commented on the press reports about her personal life and health.

Recall that Thandiwe

Newton was kicked from the cast of the third part of “Mike’s Magic” since

got into an inn brawl with Channing Tatum, the main star

of this film and its producer. The reason for their skirmishes was that

disagreed on the behavior of Will Smith, which on

Chris Rock was slapped at the last Oscars.

It is not clear who represented what. Director Steven

Soderbergh tried to ease the tension on the set, but to no avail.

According to the findings of “The Sun”, Newton was fired because Tatum did not want to

continue to work with her.

Apparently, just before the incident, Newton had

behave like a diva on the set. After making it known

incident by media, Warner Bros. she tried to soothe

situation, arguing that Newton had to resign from the role for reasons


Thandiwe has admitted in earlier interviews that she has already struggled with a nervous breakdown. As a young actress, Thandiwe suffered harassment, faced multiple racism in the film industry and struggled with an eating disorder. Talking about her experiences and experiences, she publicized the problems faced by women, thus encouraging them to fight for their rights, dignity and position.

It seems that despite such openness, she herself did not manage to chase away all the demons of the past. In 2018, she even thought of withdrawing from acting, fortunately she was prevented from making her decision by her involvement in the series “Westworld”, for which she was awarded an Emmy.

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