FlixClassic is new VOD – classic old movies on subscription

We keep mentioning that the VOD market is saturated and we are afraid of too much fragmentation of content, but a specific vision can make us feel encouraged. The new VOD Flix Classic definitely has an idea for itself.

The situation with the availability of online movies and series is incomparably better today than a few or a dozen years ago. In many ways, such a difference could be described by the popular saying “heaven and earth”, and yet I can easily list titles that are still beyond our reach. In the case of series, I even keep a list of productions unavailable in Poland and slowly cross out new titles, because the circumstances are getting more favorable. Unfortunately, the series do not go to rentals / stores like CHILI, Rakuten or iTunes / Apple TV. The rich offer of film services in Poland, however, has significant shortcomings when it comes to classics. Many movies are unknown productions that do not stand a chance among the suggestions on Netflix, Prime Video or other platforms. It is therefore not only about their appearance on the Vistula, but also appropriate exposure and appropriate recommendations. This is what FlixClassic wants to do.

FlixClassic – classic VOD movies for less than PLN 13 a month

The new VOD service, operating in Poland for several days, focuses on the classics. The catalog includes almost 300 films, each of them is available in the original language and Polish (voiceover or subtitles). FlixClassic is a VOD service for cinema lovers who want to get to know or rediscover the classics of cinematography from around the world – we read in the promotional message, which also includes information about who is responsible for selecting the content. The films are selected by the program curator of the Miłosz Stelmach platform – film expert, film critic and editor-in-chief of the film magazine “Screens”. New titles are to be released every week, and the plans to add productions straight from Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, German and Indian cinema are to prove the diversity.

The price of monthly access to the service is PLN 12.99, while for a year we will pay PLN 129.90 – so we get 12 months for the price of 10. Currently, FlixClassic can be used on computers and other devices with a web browser, mobile devices with iOS and Android, and soon the FlixClassic application is to be available on smart TV. What? Unfortunately, we do not know this, but the application (s) are to be at the certification stage.

FlixClassic was previously known as Flixmojo

What FlixClassic looks like today is due to a longer experiment called Flixmojo, which we wrote about at the end of 2020. The tests made it possible to get to know the preferences of cinema fans and to adjust the platform to their needsThanks to this, today FlixClassic offers a change in the quality of the content played, filtering titles by the names of creators and actors, and the option to save movies on the watch list. We dream of creating a community around genre cinema with which we will be able to jointly expand the library and develop FlixClassic – explains Marcin Machnio, co-creator of the platform.

FlixClassic movie quality and apps – where to watch?

FlixClassic has a very specific idea, and the website’s graphics are pleasing to the eye. Assessing the library content is not easy, because a lot depends on our taste and understanding among the classics, but on the other hand, maybe it is worth letting the curators direct us to what they think is worth watching, so that we can broaden our horizons. Technically, the service is fine at the moment. It is a pity that there are no applications for smart TV available yet, and I do not have too many complaints about the player for the website.

I could find a strangely quiet-sounding Polish audio version in some films (which may be the fault of the distributor, not the platform’s creators) and the lack of a wider selection of the language version (so that we can have the original audio, voice-over and subtitles for each film). I have not experienced any problems with the website stability and hopefully it will remain so. It is also worth mentioning that FlixClassic supports profiles and allows you to play two streams simultaneously. As for the quality of movies, the standard and the maximum resolution is Full HD 1080p with a maximum bitrate of about 5 Mbps.

From April 15 to April 29, you can activate access to the website for free for 10 days – visit the following address: www.portal.flixclassic.pl for registration.

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