Fast and Furious 10 with an official title and poster – here it is … Fast X! However, does anyone need it?

For some it is the bottom, rummaging through the corpses, profaning the series, and for others it is a breathtaking spectacle. This is how we can describe the mood of viewers after the premiere Fast and furious 9. What, then, will we say after the successor’s debut, i.e. the one announced today Fast X?

Does Fast and Furious 10 still have the right to be fast and furious?

Today on the social media franchise The Fast and the Furious Information about the latest film from the series has appeared. The production got its official title and poster. Thus the tenth part of the series will be officially called Fast X. The film is currently in production, as reported by Vin Diesel himself. The shooting period is to last for the next few months, and the post-production process is to last long weeks. A fully ready movie is to hit theaters May 19, 2023which is almost exactly 13 months from now.

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It is worth noting that it will be the penultimate production of a well-deserved serieswhose image has been significantly tarnished in recent years. The last movie in the series is actually the second part Fast X, but for marketing reasons it will be advertised as a fully-fledged eleventh installment of the series. It is on this number that the producers have decided to complete the creation of subsequent productions signed with the logo Fast and furious.

This does not mean, however, that the franchise will be forgotten. The creators will definitely not allow themselves to make such a move. The filmmakers are planning to release numerous spin-offs cycle like this, for example The Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw from 2019. Currently, work is underway on a sequel to this film, but also on a separate production in which the main character would be a woman.

Returning, however, to the topic Fast X – the last films in the series were met with widespread disapproval by the fan community. The creators of the series definitely reproduce the password “triumph of form over content”. The latest productions have moved away from the subject of illegal racing for good in order to save the world, wars or travel in space. Pretty nice change of scenery, right? Maybe there would be nothing wrong with that, because there are many fans of superhero movies around the world, but in this case it is about the brand created by the creators.

The Fast and the Furious is a cycle that dates back to 2001. It was then that the first film in the series hit theaters, and it instantly won the hearts of viewers. Especially those in love with illegal races, fast cars, spoilers and neon lights. The next few parts of the cycle kept the level of the original, but at some point something went wrong. In a sense, a “cult” series The Fast and the Furious they became a tacky counterfeit of the Avengers or another Suicide Legion.

Fast X – the most important information

Fast X - the most important information

Okay, I complained a bit about the road that has been following the series consistently for several years, so you can move on to a few specifics. Thus Fast X is the penultimate film in the series that will end in February 2024 with the premiere of the eleventh installment of the series. Of course, all the most important actors got involved in the latest production. We will see on the cinema screen Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and Sung Kang. This does not mean, however, that in Fast X it will run out of new faces. According to numerous reports, actors such as Jason Momoa, Brie Larson and Daniela Melchior.

In the last two films in the series, for sure but we will not see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The 49-year-old made it quite clear personally. This decision of the American pop culture star is dictated by the conflict with Vin Diesel, who has been going on in his life for several years. Well… maybe that’s better?

Director Fast X and also the eleventh film will be Justin Lin. The Taiwanese has extensive experience in filming under the banner The Fast and the Furious. The 50-year-old worked on the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth installments of the series. Another veteran of the series is responsible for the script for both newest films – Chris Morgan.

Unfortunately for the moment we did not know any details about the plot Fast X. Fans of the series, who still care about the condition of the latest films, can therefore wait for information on this issue. Nevertheless, we can say with great certainty that Somewhere between shootings, cybercriminals and barefoot fights there will be a fast car theme and maybe even racing! 😉

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