Determined Viking, broke Nicholas Cage and Sonic lightning fast [PREMIERY W HELIOSIE]

The first of the hot premieres – “Wiking” – will take viewers in the 10th century to frosty Iceland. The film tells the story of a Viking prince who returns to his homeland after many years to keep his childhood oath: to avenge his father, save his mother, kill his uncle. He swears as a boy whose parents are taken by his uncle – he murders his father and kidnaps his mother. Two decades later, the blade of justice reaches the torturer.

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Skarsgard a Viking prince as in Pure Blood. “It’s not a complete coincidence”

On his next cinematic journey, this time to sunny Mexico, he will take the audience of Nicolas Cage in the crazy comedy “The Unbearable Burden of Great Talent”, in which he plays the financially declining Hollywood actor … Nicolas Cage! To repair his finances, the actor accepts a birthday invitation from a mysterious fan – millionaire Javi. The American government and the CIA have their share in the whole action, and they investigate the cartel’s boss – Cage becomes their spy.

The third premiere hits the screens of Helios cinemas at lightning speed, thanks to the main character – a space hedgehog named Sonic. “SONIC 2. Fast as lightning” is the second part of the adventures of a crazy blue hedgehog on our planet. This time, Sonic joins his forces to save the world with his new friend, Tails. It is a kind and noble yellow fox with two tails, thanks to which it can fly. Together, they will face the sinister Doctor Robotnik and his assistant Knuckles, who plan to get the Magic Emerald. A big duel on the big screen is about to take place.

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Three movie premieres, and what else?

Helios cinemas are still dominated by the latest adventures of the heroes of the famous Fantastic Beasts series. This time in the movie “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets” viewers will witness a duel of the greatest wizards and the most powerful spells, which are to prevent the taking over of the magic world by the lordly Grindelwald. Professor Dumbledore believes that the only fearless one to lead the team defending their world is Newt Scamander.

'Benedetta'A Russian official lost his job because of a film about a nun in love

On April 24, Film Mornings will feature cartoons from the series “Miraculum: Biedronka and Czarny Kot”. Marinette and Adrien are chosen as the heroes of Paris: Ladybug and Cat Noir. They each have a Miraculous, jewelry linked to magical creatures (Kwami) that give them power. Their mission is to stop the Hawk Lord from wreaking havoc on the city, creating ever more dangerous super-villains.

Continuing the series of daily free screenings in Ukrainian, Helios invites you from next Friday (April 22) for two films every day. The first set of fairy tales – “44 cats” – was prepared with the youngest viewers in mind, therefore it will be broadcast in the Ukrainian dubbed version. A little older can see the movie “Operation Mummy” with a Ukrainian voiceover. It is a story of young detectives on the trail of Egyptian riddles, mummies and the curse of Tutankhamen.

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On April 25, the Koneser Cinema series will present the film “The worst man in the world” nominated this year for an Oscar in two categories and awarded at many film festivals around the world. This is the story of Julie – a young, enthusiastic girl in her early 30s who is doing a reconnaissance of her life full of dilemmas.

On Tuesday, April 26, the screens of selected network cinemas in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals will be able to watch the duel between Manchester City and Real Madrid. A day later, players from Liverpool and Villreal will face each other.

On April 28, in the Culture Accessible series, Agora’s network invites you to the film “Magdalena”, which presents a young mother trying to reconcile her life passion with a responsible life. The protagonist loves music, which is her form of communication with the world, because the girl does not speak. When she meets a famous DJ on her way, her dreams have a chance to come true, but a traumatic past stands in the way of a new life.

On the same day, an extraordinary musical event will take place: Rammstein will be performed in the Dream rooms of selected Helios cinemas. On the day before the official premiere of the latest album, fans of the group will have the opportunity to see, hear and experience as many as eleven new songs in the spectacular Dolby Atmos sound format.

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