Depp vs. Heard: Testimony of the actor’s doctor. Who was the victim here?

On April 11, the court battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Star “Pirates of the Caribbean” sued his ex-wife for defamation, which she allegedly committed in a column published in The Washington Post in 2018.

In it, the actress described her experiences of being a victim of domestic violence. Although the name of Depp was not mentioned in the article, the recipients could easily guess who he was talking about. Heard had previously revealed that she had been physically abused by her ex-husband. She posted photos of her swollen, bruised face and confessed that the beating, which was supposed to take place in 2016, was caused by Depp. The movie Jack Sparrow is now demanding $ 50 million in damages from her.

A few days ago, at the hearing, a neighbor and friend of the actor, Isaac Baruch, testified that when he met the actress shortly after the alleged incident, he did not see any injuries on her face.

“She said Johnny got aggressive and threw the phone at her. It was very bright, I could get a good look at her. I asked where he had hit her and she pointed to her face. I didn’t notice anything, even redness or swelling. Her words sounded absurd. “- testified in court Baruch.

Dr. David Kipper, a doctor who has been caring for Depp’s health for years, has now shed new light on the relationship of the litigants. On Monday, the recordings of his testimony recorded on February 22 were played in the courtroom. Kipper described his visit to the actor’s house, during which he treated his wounded hand after one of the tavern quarrels of his former spouses. Depp told about this event in 2019 as part of the first statement prepared for the purposes of the lawsuit.

“She threw a large glass vodka bottle at me. When it hit the table top, I had my hand on it. The blow severed my finger, I lost my fingertip. I had to undergo three operations to reconstruct it. I got an infection. I was afraid I would lose a finger, hand, and maybe life as well “- described the aftermath of the incident, the actor.

Now, Depp’s doctor in his testimony stated that although he is not 100% sure as to the cause of the wounds on the star’s hand, he believes in his version of events.

“I think that’s how it was,” he said. And he added that when he appeared in the couple’s apartment, he saw blood and broken glass. Like Isaac Baruch who had previously testified, Dr. Kipper also did not notice any injuries to Heard’s face.

The testimony given by therapist Dr. Laurel Avis Anderson last Thursday was also not very favorable for Depp’s ex-wife. She stated that both sides of the conflict were violent, and Heard often initiated fights.

The couple met in 2011 on the set of a comedy “Rum-drenched journal”. Although there was a bold sex scene between the heroes in the picture, no one suspected that the relationship of the stars would extend beyond the movie set. Depp was still declaring love for Vanessa Paradis, and bisexual Amber had been living in a relationship with the artist Tasya van Ree for four years.

However, in January 2012, after 14 years of a perfect relationship, Johnny Depp abandoned the mother of his children. At the end of January 2014, an engagement ring with a large diamond appeared on Amber’s finger, and at the premiere of “72 Hours”, the couple openly exchanged kisses in the spotlight.

Information about complications in their relationship came to light in May 2016 after the couple had a violent argument at their Los Angeles home. Heard then went to court for protection as evidence of domestic violence, showing her battered face. The actress confessed that the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” threw the phone at her. The Hollywood star has denied these allegations from the beginning and has summoned other witnesses claiming that he was the victim in this account.

The divorce took place three months later. For her departure, Heard Depp agreed to pay her $ 7 million. The actress, however, will never again be able to sue her ex-husband of abuse and bullying during their relationship.

“Our relationship was passionate and very volatile, but always linked by bonds of love,” Depp and Heard wrote in a statement. “It was never our intention to hurt ourselves, be it physical or emotional. Neither of us made false allegations to get rich,” the former spouses stated at the time.

How the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will end will probably be revealed in a few months.

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