CHOOSE OR DIE. Playing the pieces has more tension

All the horror scenes in Choose It or Die would probably be more suitable for advertising energy bars.

There was once a movie like Jumanji. Do you remember The kids were playing a board game and this game drew them in so that it influenced their reality. During the course of the game some fantastic things started to happen, the strangest of which was the emergence of a bustling jungle in the middle of the city. Something tells me the creators Choose or die they assumed that their cinematic game would be similarly “exposed”. Instead of the board, however, she was supposed to exit the computer screen. However, they forgot about the most important – explaining the rules to the audience and sticking to them like commandments.

What happened?

I have not much good to say about the latest Netflix production. Let’s define the pluses at the outset Choose or die and let’s get it over with. First, the operator did a good job of the homework. I like the photos, their colors, or rather, appropriately dark, rough tones. Two – what not to talk about Choose or die, has a very atmospheric soundtrack. It is a pity for the talent of Liam Howlett, a legendary man, leader of the British group The Prodigy, who this time, instead of playing at a disco, created a musical commentary to the horror movie. Or otherwise – he created music for what was supposed to be a horror movie. I dare say that… the game of chess pieces has more tension than this movie.

What has failed?

Basic problem Choose or die is that it is a film that only makes menacing faces, seems scary, but you can clearly see that it is all played by someone wearing innocent clown attire. This movie is a real grotesque. In scenes where we were supposed to get some tension, a farce pours out from the screen. It manifests itself mainly in some difficult to define with pantomime the movements of the characters taking part in this circus. This is, of course, the result of the fact that a computer game that mixes with real life treats people as its puppets. Honestly, all those horror scenes in Choose or die they would probably be more suitable for advertising energy bars or other strongly influencing agents than for a film that communicates its ideas in a very serious way.

As I said, the individual shots in the film look attractive, especially when there is music in them. But what’s the point of watching a movie that seems most interesting when the actors are silent, or are just suspended between the actions? Everything else looks like a joke here, it is impossible to believe in a single element of the world presented, in addition, the individual elements that are to add drama to the film (traumas, addictions, difficult faces of life) look as if they were pressed forcibly. When the movie climax comes on, in fact, we still don’t learn anything that could reasonably explain to us the fact why the devil’s game begins to act on the characters out of nowhere. I will simply omit a grim and quite idiotic translation about some interacting symbols.

Choose or die it’s a clunky, B-class movie that’s not even fit for the category of sinful bliss. In addition, you can once again feel cheap preying on sentiments, due to the flirting with the feelings of the players. So I am addressing you, game fans, because you will certainly be the main audience of the movie Choose or die. Don’t be fooled. If you like these climates, and you are curious how the stylistics of video games can penetrate the world of movies, I invite you to check out such films as: Throne, Gamer, Master Level, Player One or even a sensational reboot mentioned at the beginning Jumanji. FROM Choose or die give it a rest, because it is a creature that swallows as hard as broken glass – that I will also allow myself to be parallel to one of the “ominous” scenes in the film.

Listing the advantages of this production at the beginning, I did not mention another one. The film has great potential for sequels and I am sure that the creators will take advantage of this opportunity. It will become the second The night of purification, looking through the prism of the category of low-budget horror, based on a carrying, plastic and flexible plot idea. However, this is an advantage that can only be meaningful to money-hungry producers. Because not for us. Not for a demanding audience who values ​​freshness and panache. Contrary to the dilemma arising from the title, there is no emergency exit in this film. If you choose it, you will just die. Out of embarrassment.

Jakub Piwoński

Jakub Piwoński

Culture expert, passionate about popular culture, especially movies, series, computer games and comics. He likes to fly into unknown, fantastic regions, thanks to his fascination with science fiction. Professionally, however, he looks back more often, thanks to his work as a promotion specialist in a museum, researching the secrets of the beginnings of cinematography. His favorite film is “The Matrix” because it combines two areas close to his heart – religion and martial arts.

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