Agnieszka Wo¼niak-Starak changed her hairstyles often. We would like to forget about the pink ombre and the geometric fringe

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Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak celebrates her 44th birthday on April 15, 2022. The statement “age is just a number” seems very accurate in her case because it looks great. All thanks to a healthy lifestyle, physical activity and frequent visits to an aesthetic medicine doctor. The hostess of “Dzień dobry TVN” has been experimenting with the image for years, playing not only with fashion, but also with changing trends in hair styling.

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Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak showed her four angles. What a space! Wow!

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak has become an icon of style. She even had mishaps

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak at the beginning of her career

Maybe hardly anyone remembers, but the journalist took her first steps on TV, having a specific look. The jagged bob was once the hallmark of a TV presenter. Of course, we take into account the fashion of those years and we do not judge, but document the “hairdressing prank” of the host of the TVN breakfast program.

The new autumn schedule of Polish Television, Agnieszka SzulimThe new autumn schedule of Polish Television, Agnieszka Szulim rnowak / NOWAK RAFA /

The hairstyle, which she presented during the fall schedule of Telewizja Polska in 2005, made a sensation at that time. Many women wanted “hair for Agnieszka (then still) Szulim”.

The new autumn schedule of Polish TelevisionThe new autumn schedule of Polish Television rnowak / NOWAK RAFA /

The journalist was also a long-haired beauty

Later, Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak grew blonde hair and showed herself in a hairstyle that perfectly curled her styling in a hippie style. A delicate hairstyle that does not cover the forehead too much, a toned outfit and we have a great image, worthy of a journalist preparing to run the festival in Opole in 2007.

Festival Opole 2007 - premieres and debutsFestival Opole 2007 – premieres and debuts mwegrzyn / WGRZYN MAREK /

) Festival Opole 2007 - premieres and debuts) Festival Opole 2007 – premieres and debuts mwegrzyn / WGRZYN MAREK /

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak always had original ideas

In the following years, the TV presenter tried to moderate her style a bit. Her hairstyles were more conservative, and thus classic, and simply better suited to the type of beauty. She gave up the strong fringe in favor of natural, straight hair. I must admit that it was a bull’s eye!

Open day on TVPOpen day on TVP mwegrzyn / WGRZYN MAREK /

New fragrance from U by Ungaro - AvonNew fragrance from U by Ungaro – Avon kkatny / KTNY KAROL /

What were these hairstyles!

Years passed, and the journalist continued to experiment with hairstyles. Sometimes she made mistakes, but later she was quick to learn. Going back to the bangs may not have been the best idea, but …

Joy's 5th birthdayJoy’s 5th birthday mkudelski / KUDELSKI MAREK /

The presenter quickly improved and with her long hair without a strange fringe she could shine in peace on the TVP2 spring schedule in 2011.

Spring frame 2011 TVP2Spring frame 2011 TVP2 mkudelski / KUDELSKI MAREK /

During the “Battle for Voices” she allowed herself a lot

A smoothly combed ponytail with protruding strands or heavily teased hair in the style of a pin-up girl are just some of her numerous experiments. Are you successful? Let’s leave it without comment. Anyway, the photos speak for themselves.

Battle of Gosy II - FINABattle of Gosy II – FINA 233 /

Bitwa na Gosy II - episode 5Bitwa na Gosy II – episode 5 kkatny / KTNY KAROL /

We’d love to forget about all that weirdly colored ombre hair. However, the photos do not help us in this.

Bitwa na Gosy III - episode 4Bitwa na Gosy III – episode 4 skos / KOS SZYMON /

Feel the beauty - SonyFeel the beauty – Sony kkatny / KTNY KAROL /

But the worst is ahead of us, because the journalist even tried a pink ombre. Unfortunately, with mediocre results, but we appreciate playing with trends!

DLOLODLOLO Photo Marcin Stępień / Agencja

Later, Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak chose a stylish bob. Effect? Just WOW!

We really liked the spectacular haircut change that happened in 2013. The journalist then showed herself from a completely different fashion side and proved once again that with her face shape even the most difficult “frieze” can look good.

When you buy _ you help!When you buy _ you help! mkudelski / KUDELSKI MAREK /

Now the star focuses on the classics and thus wins

Today it is in vain to look for the huge metamorphosis of the star’s hairstyle. She presents classically styled hair that emphasizes her delicate Slavic beauty and adds youthful charm. She has learned a lesson from the past and dyed her hair blonde – but a bit lighter than her natural and looks just gorgeous!

Elle Style Awards 2022Elle Style Awards 2022 /

premiere of the film Teciowiepremiere of the film Teciowie pconrad / CONRAD PETER /

) DDTVN - press meeting with the leaders) DDTVN – press meeting with the leaders /

What do you think about Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak’s metamorphoses? Which edition did you like the most about?

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