With the luggage packed, hundreds of Romanians are ready to go on holiday to different destinations

However, prices are higher by 20 percent compared to last year. All because of the pandemic and the border war. Romania’s favorite countries, such as Greece or Turkey, are facing huge losses after thousands of Russian and Ukrainian tourists canceled their reservations. Tourism experts say there will be some reductions, but it all depends on the strategies that affected states will adopt to encourage tourism.

At noon, there was a round trip to the Departures terminal at the Henri Coandă Airport in the Capital. With their children in hand and holiday plans in mind, hundreds of Romanians sat impatiently in line at the check-in counters. Most go in larger groups.

Romanian: In Germany, at some friends. The family is not as excited as we are, but that’s it. We have some friends and we go there.

Child: We will go to the zoo, where we drive among the animals. And with my uncle and aunt!

Others, however, packed their bags for exotic destinations.

Reporter: Where are you going?

Mum:In Dubai! One week, until next Wednesday. They were very curious girls to see, they kept seeing on the internet what it is, how it is.

Reporter: And give up Easter, cake, lamb?

Mum:Yes, we give up all the work before and after. A vacation was needed this year.

Child: I want to see the desert. ”

Romanian: We’re going on a trip to Thailand. It’s good weather, heat. We’re leaving this 5 degree cold in May, almost.

With their luggage, hundreds of Romanians are ready to go on vacation to different destinations. This is also because most states have announced the relaxation of restrictions since the beginning of spring, after two years of pandemic. In Italy, for example, a face mask is no longer mandatory outside, and such a measure has also been announced in Spain. For Greece, all travelers with a European digital certificate are no longer required to take a PCR test.

Compared to last year, when destinations were limited, now agencies have organized more tours and charters for holidays in European or exotic countries. So Easter finds Romanians in Paris, Prague or in countries such as Greece, Turkey or Egypt. There are also last minute offers for a trip to the Arab state.

Alin Popescu, manager of a tourism company, guide:There are last minute discounts on a few products that are left, especially for Egypt, but these are not as significant as we have been accustomed to in previous years. The evolution of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine affects all economic branches.

On average, the reductions are 15 to 30 percent, half that of previous years. In Egypt, for example, a 7-night stay at a five-star hotel costs an average of 500 euros per person. We also find high rates in Spain, Greece and Turkey, countries that have lost hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian tourists who used to flood the Greek and Turkish islands and resorts. Greece already has bookings canceled by 600,000 Russian tourists and 240,000 Ukrainians, and about 4 million Russian tourists went to Turkey every year. However, state governments are preparing tourism support measures, and demand exists.

Dan Goicea, CEO of a tour operator:This year, the volume was quite rich, around Easter. The only problem is that the registrations came very late, the events in the immediate vicinity. However, the world has changed its mind and they are constantly signing up. There were also registrations for the summer season.

Mara Eliza, tourism specialist: People intend to travel, they want to make up for lost time and they have been so closed that now they feel the need for freedom, they feel the need to invest in them.

And in the country, the most sought after destinations remain the areas in the North and the center of the country, in Maramureș and Transylvania. Tourists are also expected in the mountain resorts of the country.


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