What colors for brunettes? It is these shades that add glow to their complexion and blend beautifully with dark hair

Are you wondering which colors are the most suitable for brunettes? We come to help. We indicate shades that will beautifully emphasize the beauty of girls with dark hair. It is worth introducing them to everyday styling or makeup.

Gone are the days when when choosing a styling, we wondered if something was right or not. We wear what we like, and that’s it! Which doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules that can be used to look (even) better. The right colors of clothes can help us. By choosing them based on the type of beauty – skin tone and hair color, we can emphasize our natural beauty! Add radiance and color to the complexion. You don’t believe? If you belong to brunettes, choose one of the shades below. You will see that you will get nothing but compliments! So what colors for brunettes are the most suitable? We come to the rescue!

Let’s start with the fact that brunettes are notoriously confused with dark-haired girls. The former – like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid or Anne Hathaway have black or almost black hair, while the latter have brown or dark, mousy blonde hair. Speaking of black and brown, it’s worth noting that these colors look great together, that’s why We recommend brunettes to choose clothes in a shade of dark or milk chocolate, with slightly lighter accents. How does it look in practice? The best example is one of the last styles of the aforementioned Bella Hadid – not only in line with trends, but also perfectly suited to the type of beauty of the top model. Anyway, it’s best to see for yourself and for yourself. Also pay attention to the influencer’s nails – in a deep, dark blue shade. He also blends in perfectly with both the black of the hair and the brown color of the clothes. And it breaks the retro look, adding a modern touch.

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Among the colors for brunettes that add color and glow to the complexion (especially with warm complexions) are: cherry, burgundy, eggplant or purple. An evening dress in one of them is a perfect outfit for a bigger exit. It makes an impression every time. Among other things, in combination with red lipstick.

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The alternative is emerald green, which also adds color to the complexion and brings out the depth of dark hair color (There is a reason why Princess Kate is so eager to bet on it). In addition, it beautifully emphasizes the brown (and green) color of the eyes. Emerald green can be worn not only as a dress for a larger occasion, but also as a warm sweater or a fashionable safari jacket this season. The more so because brunettes do not only suit emerald green, but also bottle green or khaki. It’s good to know that to get the desired effect, sometimes it is enough to put on even a scarf. Or earrings with a green eye.

Classic blacks also suit brunettes. Especially the one with a warm complexion. Worn from head to toe, or paired with an equally elegant white (even in the form of a small accent as in the photo below Kendall Jenner).

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BRunettes with a very pale, pale complexion (like Snow White) should choose more vivid shades instead of black – intense pink, orange, yellow or blue. The latter is also made for them – regardless of whether it is intense or pastel. With black hair, she looks gorgeous! Anne Hathaway, who recently appeared on the red carpet in a blue dress, knows this very well.

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Brunettes are actually the only type of beauty that looks really good with bright colors, specifically snow or broken white (écru, ivory, whitewashed sand shades). Especially if they were born with a very fair complexion. It is worth taking advantage of this, the more so as total looks in these shades could not be more stylish.

Described above colors for brunettes it is also worth using in makeup. Put on a neon swallow eye, brown shadows or navy blue smoky eyes. The natural beauty of brunettes is also emphasized by lips in an intense color. The choice of lipstick, however, does not have to be limited only to classic intense red, shades of burgundy or purple will be an equally good choice. The traditional black line on the eye in the case of brunettes also always works!

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