Not only for hair. Nine varnish applications you should know

Hairspray is a cosmetic without which it is difficult to imagine an effective fixation of the hairstyle. However, that’s not the only purpose it can be used for. In what other situations can a hairspray turn out to be an irreplaceable product? Here they are.

Nine varnish applications you should know

Will remove lipstick

As it turns out, the hairspray does a great job of removing tough stains, such as a trace of lipstick on a shirt. First try with a paper towel to gently remove any excess lipstick so as not to crease it further into the fabric. Then check on an invisible part of the shirt that the varnish will not discolor its color by accident. If nothing goes wrong, spray the lipstick stain generously with nail polish. Wait a few minutes and wipe off the varnish and lipstick with a paper towel or a clean sponge. The fresher the stain, the better the alcohol present in the varnish will deal with greasy dirt. Finally, toss the garment in the washing machine and wash it as usual. After washing, the lipstick should disappear.

Shine the shoes

After you have polished and polished your shoes, treat them with a little bit of polish. Spray the shoes from a distance of 40 cm to evenly distribute the hair spray. Thanks to this, polished shoes will look impeccably longer.

It will prevent your feet from slipping in your shoes

This is another noteworthy use of hairspray. It will work well if you wear high heel tights that do not fit your foot perfectly. Just spray a little hairspray on the inside of the shoes – after that, your feet in the shoe won’t slip.

It will protect tights against the formation of “eyelets”

To enjoy the perfect look of tights for longer, for example at a family celebration, spray them with hairspray. These will stiffen the delicate fibers of the tights and reduce the risk of tightening. And if bad luck has already appeared and there is an eye in the pantyhose, spray the varnish on this area so that the hole does not start growing at an express pace.

Taming the eyebrows

Spray the nail polish on the eyebrow brush and give it the shape you want. If you don’t have an eyebrow brush, you can use the cleaned mascara brush. The brush will comb and shape the hairs, and the varnish will break them for a long time.

It will protect against dust

Hairspray turns out to be a great means of preventing dust from settling on furniture. It is enough to spray cleaning the furniture with varnish from a distance, so that the dust settles on them more slowly. Before that, it is worth checking on the hidden part of the furniture whether the varnish will discolor it.

It will extend the nice look of your bouquet

The cut flowers look beautiful in the vase, but unfortunately they lose their freshness quite quickly and wither, which looks terrible. To keep your bouquet looking nice in a vase for a few days, sprinkle each flower with a gentle layer of hairspray from a distance before placing it in it. Hold them with the petals down for a moment until the varnish is dry and stiff.

It will make threading the needle easier

This task can be extremely irritating, especially when the eye of the needle is really small. Instead of getting nervous about this task, cut the thread with sharp scissors and spray the end with hairspray, then squeeze it in your fingers. The stiffened thread should not cause any more problems when threading.

It will allow you to keep memories for longer

If you have received a pencil or crayon drawing from a loved one, you can easily lose it. Spray the work gently with hairspray to protect the drawing from smudging and premature fading.

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