OPPO Reno7 5G and OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G

OPPO wanted to organize an event in Prague, Czech Republic, in which to present for the first time one of the smartphones with which the company hopes to achieve significant volumes both in our country and in others in Central and Eastern Europe.

Although the OPPO Reno7 5G was also present, the focus was more on the serial brother that also received the Lite particle.

After the presentation in which the main strengths of the two terminals were highlighted, with a focus on the special functions of the cameras, I had the chance to do a short hands-on with both products.

Let’s put the specifications next to each other first so that we can more clearly distinguish the main differences.

Specifications for OPPO Reno7 5G and OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G

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The two most striking features of OPPO’s two mid-range series are the screen, with one that supports a higher refresh rate, the processor, with MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G, at the amount of internal memory, double for Reno7, the camera system, with ultrawide sensor vs. one of only 2 MP for depth of field, the lack of Wi-Fi axis in the Reno7 Lite and the fast charging that is almost half the power for the Lite version.

Where I would say that the OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G takes on the face of a more gifted brother is next to the operating system it receives from the factory. Although both run on the ColorOS 12 interface, on the Reno7 5G it is applied over Android 11.

In terms of looks, the two mid-range smartphones are quite similar. The main difference is in the chassis and the rear. At OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G we have right angles and perfectly flat rear edges, while Reno7 5G adopts slightly curved edges, with a back that follows the same line.

Otherwise, with small differences of a few millimeters, all ports, physical control buttons and other external elements (speaker, microphones) are located in approximately the same positions.

At the bottom we see the 3.5mm jack, followed by the call microphone, USB-C port and speaker. On the left are the volume control buttons and the SIM / microSD card slot, on the top is the secondary microphone, while on the right is the Power button, which in the case of OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G also integrates the fingerprint sensor.

OPPO Reno7 5G:

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G:

The main camera is in both cases arranged in a dot-shaped cutout in the upper left corner of the screen. The edge under the display is a bit wide on both phones, but it doesn’t make the devices bigger than you would expect from some with about 6.4 inch screens.

At least on the thickness side, both stop at values ​​below 8 mm, with only 7.49 mm in the case of OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G, in the Cosmic Black color version. Somehow, the Rainbow Spectrum version needed an extra 0.6mm at the waist to generate the rainbow effect, which I admit I found effective during the few minutes I made contact with the phone.

The module with the sensors that make up the photo-video assembly on the back is similar, only the arrangement of the lenses is slightly different.

One of the key features of the OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G design is the illuminated rings around the larger rear lenses. Called Dual Orbit Lights, these rings act as status LEDs, but can be activated at any time from your phone’s menu. The effect is unique, at least interesting.

OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G Dual Orbit Lights

When it comes to how the two phones feel in terms of manufacturing quality, nothing to blame. Solid construction, with finishes that you can hardly find defects no matter how small, and the right materials for this price range.

The screens, as far as I could tell during the first contact, are of good quality. Both of the AMOLED type display intense colors, high contrast, with a perfect black, and wide viewing angles, without excessively reflecting the environment.

The ColorOS 12 interface highlights the benefits of AMOLED screens with brightly colored, contrasting icons with light and shadows that leave a 3D impression.

We already know that from May 2, 2022 Reno7 Lite 5G will be available in specialty stores in our country. Until then, OPPO Reno7 Lite 5G can be pre-ordered at the price of 1,800 lei, while an order placed for OPPO Reno7 5G brings you an OPPO Watch Free smartwatch as a gift.

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