How much did Romania’s stand cost at the New York fair. The Ministry of Tourism clarified after an image from the event went viral

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism states that the arrangement of Romania’s stand at the New York Tourism Fair was a standard offered by the organizer, the decoration being made of black canvas, being specific to the exhibition event for more than 20 years.

Romania’s stand at the New York FairPhoto: Ministry of Tourism

“Out of 200 exhibitors, over 90% opted for the organization of the stand in the format specified above, provided by the organizer”, states the quoted source.

The ministry paid $ 7,990 for this type of arrangement.

The ministry’s reaction comes after a photo of the event went viral, sparking a wave of irony on social media.

From the images posted on Facebook by other participants in the fair, it can be seen that, indeed, the decoration is made of black cloth, but the exhibitors tried to be as attractive as possible, improving it as can be seen below. At the Romanian stand, some A4 pictures were placed on the black canvas.

The minister blames the exhibitors

The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Constantin Daniel Cadariu, stated, after the ministry’s specifications, in an intervention on Realitatea Plus, that he is not satisfied with the way our country was represented. He specified that out of the five exhibitors who were willing to participate, four did not want to.

“So, practically, Romania has made an effort for only one exhibitor”, Cadariu added, pointing out that he will have a discussion with those in tourism, on Tuesday, on this topic.

“It was, somehow, the duty of the exhibitors who requested to participate in this fair to ensure the representation in dignified conditions,” the minister added.

Details of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism

  • Participation in the New York tourism fair, with a basic package, has been included in the list of international exhibition events for this year. The document was drafted and approved during the consultations held at the institution’s headquarters with the representatives of the associations, federations and employers’ associations, and subsequently approved by the order of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism no. 80 / 27.01.2022.
  • The standard arrangement, offered by the organizer of Travel and Adventure Show to our country and all other exhibitors who have opted for this offer, consists of black canvas decor, placed on partitions and tables, and country display, being specific to the exhibition from New York for more than 20 years. Respectively, this type of arrangement was also found in previous editions, and this year the ministry paid the amount of $ 7,990. Out of 200 exhibitors, over 90% opted for the organization of the stand in the format specified above, provided by the organizer. the organizer’s offer.
  • The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism wants the highest possible participation of Romanian exhibitors in international tourism fairs, the purpose of the national stand being to ensure the promotion of local destinations among the public of interest. We mention that the United States of America, in the reference year 2019, occupied the fourth position in the top of the countries sending tourists on the Romanian market. During the exhibition event in New York, together with the two delegates from the institution, only one representative of the Incoming Romania Association was present, given that four others, although they expressed their intention, did not want to participate. , as a result of the situation generated by the conflict in Ukraine.
  • The presence of our country at the New York tourism fair was the most important signal for potential American tourists that Romania is a safe and hospitable tourist destination, especially in the current geopolitical context, but also after two years of fighting the SARS-CoV virus. 2. Relevant information was provided at the stand to attract visitors to Romania, showing respect for the solidarity offered to Ukrainian refugees and, at the same time, being curious about local attractions, in order to organize their future vacations.
  • The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism is always open to dialogue, which is why in February, by order of the Minister, the National Tourism Brand Council was established, which includes representatives of the institution, as well as specialists from the private sector. The purpose of this new structure is to establish guidelines for the promotion of the destination Romania, including in terms of future participation in international trade fairs.

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